Definition of saithe in English:



  • A commercially valuable food fish of the cod family, which occurs in the North Atlantic.

    Pollachius virens, family Gadidae

    Also called coalfish, coley, pollack
    • ‘When prompted on the delicate question of feeding, Matt informed me that the sharks were fed saithe, a local white fish, three times a week and given extra vitamins.’
    • ‘All I could remember was heady days hauling in saithe, sea bass and mackerel by the barrowload.’
    • ‘Young saithe, where available, are highly esteemed, e.g. ‘breaded’ with oatmeal and fried, as in Shetland.’
    • ‘For a Norwegian combined fishing and whaling vessel, typically 65 feet in length, this means passing the seasons catching saithe, herring, cod and minke whales.’
    • ‘Moving into deeper waters in the fjords you'll encounter shoals of mackerel, saithe and juvenile cod, and on the high-energy sites there are walls of orange dead man's fingers, plumose and dahlia anemones.’


Mid 16th century: from Old Norse seithr.