Definition of saintly in English:


adjectivesaintlier, saintliest

  • 1Very holy or virtuous.

    ‘a truly saintly woman’
    • ‘The man's upturned eyes and tilted head play off traditional saintly poses in Spanish religious sculpture.’
    • ‘Similarly, on other occasions, pictures or images of gurus and saintly people have been seen miraculously to produce holy water or ash.’
    • ‘In fact, those compelled to eat perfectly organic, nutritious, pure foods often feel a step above the rest of us - saintly and self-righteous.’
    • ‘Clad in a tight-fitting suit that seems one size too short, and clutching his briefcase as if it contained the Holy Grail, he exudes an almost saintly goodness.’
    • ‘To paint this man as a saintly, pious ‘spiritual leader’ is obscene.’
    • ‘His film includes a wonderful scene where Sister Bridget cries when watching The Bells Of Saint Mary's, obviously sees herself in the saintly Ingrid Bergman role.’
    • ‘While I do think the saints have spiritual maturity, often very saintly people and profoundly religious people struggle with other personality conflicts.’
    • ‘Reminiscent of a young Roger Moore, he plays with a sincerity and conviction in keeping with a saintly character who doesn't appear to have a wicked thought or a bad bone in his body.’
    • ‘Kinsey is a biopic that does not conspire to paint an immaculate, saintly, and ultimately one-dimensional portrait of its subject.’
    • ‘He would above all be remembered as a most saintly Pontiff whose example to young and old alike will long flourish, and be enshrined deep in the hearts of all who loved and respected him.’
    • ‘Even where a human life seems to be clearly saintly or sinful, our judgments are not final.’
    • ‘In doing so, the first Pope from a united Germany has identified himself with the austere and saintly monk who saved the culture of Western Europe during the Dark Ages.’
    • ‘Undertaking religious pilgrimage is a seen as a meritorious practice since it focuses the mind on places associated with the Buddha, saintly people, or holy objects.’
    • ‘Through this spiritual revalorization of domestic work, Oralia is also turned into a saintly or angelic figure, albeit a humble one.’
    • ‘As our power of resistance has got exhausted, we have shun our frustration, and learnt the enviable and saintly art of satisfaction, stoicism and endurance.’
    • ‘The practice of mutual reverence for each other's spiritual and saintly figures will promote genuine mutual respect.’
    holy, godly, pious, god-fearing, religious, devout, spiritual, prayerful, blessed
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    1. 1.1 Relating to a saint.
      ‘a crypt for some saintly relic’
      • ‘Worship of saintly relics became a pressing theological concern in the high Middle Ages.’
      • ‘The new film deals with the infamous Borgia family which produced no less than two saintly Popes in Italy during the 14th and 15th century.’
      • ‘Somehow, though, the body and its components have recently gained the holy quality previously reserved for saintly relics.’