Definition of saintlike in English:



  • See saint

    • ‘No more do our teens have to read novels whose main aim is to provide them with a model of how they should live - conventional, obedient, saintlike and quite frankly dull existences.’
    • ‘Pearl's self-starvation references young women through the ages who rejected food as their only method of assertion and who were regarded as saintlike in their martyrdom.’
    • ‘Historians have long probed Lincoln's life and character, seeking the key to his almost saintlike standing in the American pantheon.’
    • ‘Grand or sad loners have a saintlike aura - Turner, for example, lashed to a mast, ‘surrounded by implacable and indifferent forces’ or Rouault, who accepted suffering and honestly repented of his bitterness toward the world.’
    • ‘Not only does Fancy contradict southern ideals but in her saintlike manner, she possesses qualities nobler than those of the aristocrats with whom she seeks to identify.’