Definition of sainthood in English:



mass noun
  • The status of a saint.

    ‘Day is under consideration for sainthood by the Catholic Church’
    ‘she deserves sainthood for taking in that many foster children’
    count noun ‘the process of regularly conferring sainthoods’
    • ‘The church is a living monument to the ideals of a man who is set to get sainthood.’
    • ‘Perfection, like sainthood, is an eternal occupation.’
    • ‘You might think the miracles necessary for sainthood actually occur in the person's lifetime.’
    • ‘There are two major divisions of Buddhism, each of which has its own understanding of sainthood.’
    • ‘Restraining from watching porn on a first date does not qualify for sainthood.’
    • ‘Mother Teresa is on her way to sainthood, having been beatified by the Pope in a two-hour ceremony in Rome.’
    • ‘The Catholic Church doesn't give out sainthoods to people just for having been good.’
    • ‘Beatification is the final step on the path to sainthood.’
    • ‘His main opponent is a man our readers once voted the city's top candidate for sainthood.’
    • ‘They aren't handing out sainthoods around here.’