Definition of saint's day in English:

saint's day


  • A day on which a saint is particularly commemorated in the Christian Church.

    • ‘There are four periods of fasting and saint's days in honor of the three hundred Orthodox saints.’
    • ‘In 2005 the saint's day, April 23rd, falls on a Saturday, and will be marked with associated events and displays in the Abbey grounds throughout the afternoon.’
    • ‘Every community has a saint's day, and the major seasonal holidays are occasions for family and community feasting.’
    • ‘Maybe it is time to mark our patron saint's day with a holiday, but maybe it is also time to rethink our national holidays completely.’
    • ‘In The Old Wives' Tale the obsolete devotional aspect of the wakes, in which lights were carried to the church and a vigil kept through the eve of the saint's day, holds no interest for Bennett or his characters.’
    • ‘It's a shame that we don't have pageants and parades for our patron saint's day as they do in other countries.’
    • ‘Through fiestas each locale celebrates its patron saint's day, with lively bands, dancing, drinking, fireworks and, often, a carnival-like atmosphere.’
    • ‘Most children have the name of a saint as part of their name, so many celebrate their saint's day as well as their actual birthday.’
    • ‘Since most Hondurans are named for a saint, they celebrate their saint's day as well as, or in place of, their own birthday.’
    • ‘The saint's day is celebrated by a fiesta that includes a religious ceremony.’
    • ‘A range of events are being organised to mark England's patron saint's day including a church service and a banquet at Prittlewell Priory.’
    • ‘On the saint's day, the president of the Mari El Republic visited the sacred grove and partook of the food offered by the kart.’
    • ‘Vincent is named for the saint's day on which Christopher Columbus first sighted the island on January 22, 1498.’
    • ‘I think that each kingdom within the United Kingdom should celebrate their own saint's day.’
    • ‘Monday, March 17th is St Patrick's Day, when the Irish enthusiastically celebrate their patron saint's day with pints of plain, joined by other fun-loving folk.’
    • ‘Mr Rowen has signed a House of Commons motion along with 33 other MPs calling for England to fall in line with other countries and declare its patron saint's day a holiday.’
    • ‘In European tradition children received various practical gifts, like rice-pudding and sago, on the saint's day.’
    • ‘I want to start a campaign to revive the celebration of another saint's day: 22nd August is St Ralph's Day.’
    • ‘Other saint's days coincide with seasonal celebrations of pagan origins and incorporate pre-Christian customs into a Christian framework.’
    • ‘Howard Scaife has unveiled ambitious plans to hold a weekend of celebrations of everything English beginning on Saturday, April 19, four days before the official patron saint's day.’
    public holiday, bank holiday, festival, festival day, feast day, gala day, carnival day, fete, fiesta, festivity, celebration, anniversary, jubilee
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