Definition of sailing ship in English:

sailing ship


  • A ship driven by sails.

    • ‘When sailing ships were replaced by steamers and liners, the heavy ropes were no longer in high demand.’
    • ‘Sometimes I'd pretend to be on the deck of a green sailing ship plowing through unknown waters and calling at exotic ports.’
    • ‘Sblt Tielens sailed with the ship from his home port in Cairns to Darwin as part of the sailing ship's circumnavigation of the globe.’
    • ‘Perhaps you hunger for the sight of a drawn cutlass, for a look at what it was really like in the cramped quarters below decks, or for the sight of big sailing ships blasting at each other from close quarters.’
    • ‘During the 1960s he captained sailing ships which disembarked from the Clyde and ended up skippering the three-masted German ‘tall ship’, the Alexander von Hamburg.’
    • ‘In 1909, another leg was added to the jetty, to facilitate a railway line for the loading of timber onto steamers and tall sailing ships.’
    • ‘In the heyday of sailing ships, all war ships and many freighters carried iron cannons.’
    • ‘HMS GLASGOW is to play a part in one of the most spectacular sea-borne spectacles of the year when a flotilla of 40 classic sailing ships passes through the Solent on Sunday April 16.’
    • ‘The granary is an old 19th century grainstore, six storeys high, fronting onto the river Suir whose quays were once crowded with sailing ships.’
    • ‘To wrap things up, I dive the wreck of the steel-hulled sailing ship Irex, located at a shallow 6m just along from the Needles.’
    • ‘From old wooden sailing ships through to some of the earliest Victorian paddle steamers, steamships, warships and modern bulk-carrying monster cargo ships, it is hardly surprising that it is home to a wealth of wrecks.’
    • ‘The first factory to use steam engines was in Portsmouth Dock Yard for the making of pulley blocks for sailing ships.’
    • ‘Most of the copper produced was used for sheathing wooden hulls of sailing ships in the 18th and 19th centuries.’
    • ‘In the early years of sailing ships, the European ships had a square sail design.’
    • ‘He had quietly exhumed the charts of the old Clipper sailing ships in New York Public Library and spotted a dot barely visible on the biggest maps, an uninhabited bit of coral called Wake Island.’
    • ‘The last stamp shows the proud sailing ship Royal Merchant, one of three vessels that, in 1591, opens up the merchant route from England to India.’
    • ‘The belief, prevalent among nautical archaeologists, that seafarers did not use sailing ships much before the Viking age is surprising given the reliable literary evidence.’
    • ‘Space was a precious commodity on sailing ships, and decks were kept as clear as possible.’
    • ‘It is claimed that some teak benches in public parks in England that are still in use today are made of recycled decking from old sailing ships and are nearly a century old.’
    • ‘Stiff winds during the five-day cruise meant the guests felt the full effect of a traditional sailing ship pounding through the waves under full sail.’


sailing ship