Definition of sailing master in English:

sailing master


  • An officer responsible for the navigation of a ship or yacht.

    • ‘The mariner, who ran away to sea as a boy, had risen to sailing master aboard the British privateer Cinque Ports, prowling off South America in search of Spanish prey.’
    • ‘Our sailing master kept telling stories about pirates and bad luck and so forth.’
    • ‘This time the volatile Stradling quarreled with his sailing master, one Alexander Selkirk, so grievously that Selkirk demanded to be put ashore on the island rather than continue to serve with such an intolerable commander.’
    • ‘Warrant officers originated in the 17th century, as ‘standing officers’ on warships - like the sailing master, carpenter, and gunner - appointed because of specific technical skills and holding Navy Board warrants.’
    • ‘Bligh had served as sailing master of the Resolution on Cook's last expedition, which had departed England 11 years before, in 1776.…’