Definition of sailfish in English:



  • A fish with a high sail-like dorsal fin.

    an edible migratory billfish that is a prized game fish (genus Istiophorus, family Istiophoridae, in particular I. platypterus).

    (also 'Celebes sailfish') a small tropical freshwater fish of Sulawesi, popular in aquaria (Telmatherina ladigesi, family Atherinidae).

    • ‘In Anguilla, the only sailfish we ever caught was on a kite-bait, and our most successful tarpon fishing there revolved around winds strong enough to lift the kites.’
    • ‘The fishermen also chartered a deep-sea fishing boat for the day while in the Seychelles, bagging boxfuls of bonito but failing to spot the prized sailfish or black marlin.’
    • ‘For game fisherman the great catches are marlin, sailfish, tarpon and bonefish.’
    • ‘One billfish, the sailfish, can swim in bursts of speed over 70 mph.’
    • ‘In summer, great shoals of gamefish arrive, including giant kingfish, barracuda, sailfish and bonito.’