Definition of sailcloth in English:



mass noun
  • 1Canvas or other material used for making sails.

    • ‘The floating wooden docks and ships, the tackle and cargo and tall mast swathed in furled sailcloth, together created a smell and feel as exciting as sunshine and promise itself.’
    • ‘Nelson's ships sailed into action with sailcloth mostly coming from Dundee with Baxter's stamps all over it.’
    • ‘Look for strong fabrics with a tight weave such as sailcloth or canvas.’
    • ‘The Falcon Tandem has a tighter sail, heavier sailcloth, larger control bar, new hardware and control bar fittings with 1.25 inch downtubes and a stiffer airframe.’
    • ‘Jamaica supplied hammocks (an Arawak invention) and cotton cloth to Cuba and Haiti, and the Spaniards themselves had sailcloth made in Jamaica.’
    • ‘There are stories of ships stuck fast in the Doldrums, drifting idly through day after hot, sunny day, leaving their crews nothing to do but lounge under deck shelters constructed from pieces of sailcloth.’
    • ‘Blainey suggested that bases were established at both Sydney and Norfolk Island in 1788 because New Zealand flax and Norfolk Island pine could provide ropes, sailcloth, and masts for the British navy.’
    • ‘Dacron sails have also largely replaced canvas sailcloth.’
    • ‘The cotton sailcloth sails are kept taut with a band attaching to the aft of each boat.’
    • ‘The company's new software allows Owen to quickly take 3D measurements and then transfer the information on to computers before cutting any sailcloth.’
    • ‘Constructed of fine sailcloth, the sails range from four-meter rectangles for beginners, eight meter for all around use and a large 11-meter sail for use in the lightest wind conditions.’
    1. 1.1 A canvas-like fabric used for making durable weatherproof clothes.
      ‘their trousers were made from sturdy sailcloth’
      • ‘None of my clothes fit and I had to have dungarees made out of sailcloth.’
      • ‘Most of them have good suits and bizdev-guy blue sailcloth shirts.’
      • ‘Made of 70% cotton / 30% nylon oxford sailcloth with a 100% cotton poplin body lining.’
      • ‘New for 2003 is a sailcloth jacket with a heavy-weather hidden hood and storm-flap covered pockets made with a comfortable, wind- and water-resistant cotton-nylon blend.’