Definition of sailboat in English:



  • North American term for sailing boat
    • ‘From our offices, we could hear the call of seagulls and the sound of halyards slapping against the masts of sailboats docked alongside the wharf, one of which belonged to Bernie and was available for our use.’
    • ‘Undaunted, I took the Cobra out on the Chesapeake Bay in small-craft warnings, the wind whipping the halyards of docked sailboats into a clanging frenzy.’
    • ‘In the distance she could see a couple of boats heading into the village, a power boat and a sailboat with two masts, which reminded her of David's yawl.’
    • ‘The good news is that there's a lot boaters can do to conserve fuel on their own, without having to trade in their ski boats for sailboats.’
    • ‘At Mission Bay Park you can rent paddleboats, kayaks and sailboats or take the paved loop and get a great eyeball workout.’
    • ‘The kinds of boats available range from 80-foot motor yachts and sprawling catamarans to smaller sailboats that cater to couples.’
    • ‘All of these marinas have sailboats and powerboats for rent.’
    • ‘Concentrations of enthusiasts in their power boats, sailboats and ski boats are being joined increasingly by personal watercraft riders, windsurfers and kitesurfers.’
    • ‘Tilghman Island Marina is a perfect place to rent a sailboat, canoe, kayak, crabbing or fishing boat, or even a bicycle.’
    • ‘And then there are sailboats and power boats disguised as pleasure craft or fishing vessels.’
    • ‘Born and raised on a farm in Minnesota, Tritch became an avid sailor on the state's many lakes, racing sailboats and eventually winding up as the first female commodore of her yacht club.’
    • ‘In one instance, a sailboat owner left his vessel to visit the marina office, only to return minutes later to an engulfed boat.’
    • ‘That's why the Canyon Ferry Yacht Club and the True North Sailing Club make their home at the marina and about one-third of the boats in slips are sailboats.’
    • ‘There was every kind from little boats to huge cargo ships, from dilapidated sailboats to magnificent barges.’
    • ‘Stinchcomb, who has built more than 100 models, from sailboats to Trumpy yachts, won for this five-foot Coast Guard cutter Haida.’
    • ‘A total of 15 boats participated, including eight monohull and four multihull sailboats, and three powerboats.’
    • ‘Hailing a nearby power boater, I asked him why there were no sailboats in the marina.’
    • ‘We walked down to the waterfront, bought ice cream and sat on a bench on the edge of a pier, watching sailboats and cargo ships and the ferry go by.’
    • ‘Back in the late 1970's I was at sea during a terrible storm in which several ships, including sailboats in the Fastnet Race, were lost.’
    • ‘Only one of the crewmen survived; the couple on the dismasted sailboat was rescued by helicopter.’