Definition of sailboard in English:



  • A board with a mast attached to it by a swivel joint, and a sail, used in windsurfing.

    • ‘I would appeal to all jet skiers to give sailboats, sailboards, rowing boats and swimmers a wide berth, the consequences should an accident occur are too horrible to contemplate.’
    • ‘The club had the largest fleet of racing sailboards in Sydney, more than a dozen of which were destroyed.’
    • ‘For years I have been dodging surfboards and sailboards, jumping up and down to signal my presence as they come bearing down on me, then diving out of their way at the last moment.’
    • ‘Normally a staggering $910 per double per night, rates drop to $585 per night and include meals, plus the use of catamarans, sailboards, snorkeling gear, and sea kayaks.’
    • ‘Two day rental of a performance sailboard will run $125, for a grand total of $584 for whole weekend, not counting the cost of food (which would probably be dining at Wendy's rather than the local yacht club).’
    • ‘A gang of eight friends that included fellow all-star Rush Randle, the Strapt boys blew minds by launching 30-foot jumps on sailboards, then mating the boards to paragliders to experiment with some of the earliest kiteboards.’
    • ‘Sailing Etc. rents sailboards for $20 per hour or $60 per day.’
    • ‘The house comes with a 19-foot runabout, a canoe, kayaks, sailboards, and snorkeling and fishing gear.’
    • ‘It is necessary to determine whether quality controls on the sailboards are covered by the specific subject-matter of the patent.’
    • ‘Use of snorkel gear - plus a generous selection of sailboards, kayaks, and small sailboats - is complimentary.’