Definition of said in English:



  • past and past participle of say


  • Used in legal language or humorously to refer to someone or something already mentioned or named.

    ‘acting in pursuance of the said agreement’
    • ‘On or before 3 February 1989, the Claimant herein had failed to make the said payments as set out herein above.’
    • ‘Although the issue was debated at length at the national roads board work programme and that a commitment was made by the ministry to make available the said document, nothing has been done.’
    • ‘Mike Davis, the author of the said article, is the founder of Colorprep.’
    • ‘It was at the time when the said Rita lived in the neighborhood.’
    • ‘The general reader intrigued by the topic might object that Baucom has written his book in a language more accessible to his colleagues in literary criticism than to the said general reader’