Definition of sai in English:



  • A dagger with two sharp prongs curving outward from the hilt, originating in Okinawa and sometimes used in pairs in martial arts.

    • ‘Miko caught the blade with his left sai and twisted it, forcing the sword out of the man's hands.’
    • ‘So while it's cool to see a tough-as-nails woman effectively throttle the criminal element, Rothrock gets the short end of the sai for on-screen brawl-time.’
    • ‘I had my favorite weapons with me: my two sai, handmade whip, mini roman dagger, and, of course, my infamous black multi-strap bra.’
    • ‘As expected, it didn't hit his opponent; instead it was trapped in his weapon, which was a pair of sai.’
    • ‘I only glared at him as I unhooked my double-layered skirt and grabbed my sai, pointing one at his neck and the other lower by his waist.’
    • ‘As the Elek raised his axe to block another attack, Tirk entangled the two-meter handle in the hilts of his sai and jerked it upwards, sending it flying out of his target's grasp.’
    • ‘I sat up right away, to find Luca sitting across the room from me spinning a sai like weapon.’
    • ‘These weapons, the sai and the bow, can't be destroyed… at least, not by normal means.’
    • ‘Okare caught the knife on the hilt of his remaining sai and took it into his empty hand.’
    • ‘Of these, only the sai and tekko appear to be specifically intended as weapons and these were certainly never meant for battlefield or military application.’