Definition of sahitya in English:



mass nounIndian
  • Literature or lyrics.

    ‘he created its music and its sahitya’
    • ‘The organization of sahitya and svara is the same in both cases, except for the interpolation of jatis in varnams composed specifically for dances.’
    • ‘In her explanation, she said it was the beautiful sahitya of the proponent of Adhvaitha, depicting the union of Easwara and Easwari.’
    • ‘If you have a thought to be put across thematically, your individual interpretations with only raga and tala without sahitya poses more than a distinct challenge.’
    • ‘Madhavacharya's sahitya soars to dizzy heights in this singular composition.’
    • ‘We enjoy this music not so much for sahitya as for the patterns of sound created.’


From Sanskrit sāhitya.