Definition of safety net in English:

safety net


  • 1A net placed to catch an acrobat or similar performer in case of a fall.

    • ‘But the cliff under me crumbled away beneath me, and I fell without a safety net there to catch me.’
    • ‘Hanging from an overhang by a bare knuckle with not so much as a carabiner, let alone a safety net to halt your fall, I hear you gasp.’
    • ‘The National Hockey League has decided to hang safety nets to protect spectators.’
    • ‘This new building is very close to the road and very high with no fencing around it or a safety net to catch anything that might fall.’
    • ‘Tiger's branch was then cut off, while the SPCA waited below with a safety net to catch her.’
    • ‘They act as a safety net, comparable with the safety net of a trapeze artist.’
    • ‘A safety net could have been suspended beneath the area where workers could fall.’
    • ‘Take away that safety net and the fall is much harder.’
    • ‘This latter alternative is the equivalent of performing a trapeze act without a safety net.’
    1. 1.1 A safeguard against possible hardship or adversity.
      ‘a safety net for workers who lose their jobs’
      • ‘That would give a healthy mixture of attack and defence in the line-up and throw in a safety net in case of collapses.’
      • ‘I didn't want to be a safety net for him to fall on every time he had a little misunderstanding with Dana.’
      • ‘They see us as do-nothing union workers who want a cushy safety net so we can suck off the government.’
      • ‘If your career is on the way down, panto is a celebrity safety net, one last greasepaint refuge where you can still revel in audience adulation.’
      • ‘It's the safety net for children whose parents cannot care for them, and for children without parents.’
      • ‘It has taken months of work by aid agencies to effect a safety net that will minimise the number of deaths from the effects of starvation this winter.’
      • ‘Those who lose a job or face a financial setback fall through the frayed safety net of welfare and other social service cutbacks.’
      • ‘The United Nations was seen as the best safety net to protect against this pitfall.’
      • ‘It is only 10 days since the government's new pensions safety net, the Pension Protection Fund, came into effect.’
      • ‘It has also helped address poverty through improvements to the social safety net and other social sector programs.’
      • ‘Not every team has a safety net like Bowman to deal with the changing times and such a disparate group of personalities.’
      • ‘All this pointless palaver about safety nets ignores the fact that Medicare IS a safety net.’
      • ‘The consistent defense provides a safety net for the offense when it's struggling.’
      • ‘So, I think unfairly, that employers were penalized by the system that was put there as a safety net for employees.’
      • ‘The spreading recession has exposed gaping holes in the safety net for workers and the poor.’
      • ‘Workers have seen the standard of living, the social safety net, and wages decline over the last thirty years.’
      • ‘He started nine games last season, but the Titans had Matthews available as a safety net.’
      • ‘We all want the calls to be right, and the officials have to feel better knowing they have a safety net beneath them.’
      • ‘Over the last two decades the Republicans and Democrats have all but eliminated the social safety net.’
      • ‘Money in the bank, or at least in property, provides an apparent safety net in the event you might need expensive full-time care.’


safety net