Definition of safety engineer in English:

safety engineer


  • A person trained in accident prevention, especially in industrial situations.

    • ‘Mr. Watson is a senior safety engineer assigned to the U.S. Army Armor Center Training, Doctrine, and Combat Development Directorate, Fort Knox.’
    • ‘In the past, the assumption has been that the entire building wouldn't need to be evacuated all at once, says Ron Cote, principal and life safety engineer for the National Fire Protection Association.’
    • ‘‘The NRC has known about the containment sump problem at Indian Point since September 1996, but currently plans to fix it only by March 2007,’ says David Lochbaum, a nuclear safety engineer with the Union of Concerned Scientists.’
    • ‘My father avoided heavy manual labour on the Clyde and became a nuclear safety engineer, then a lecturer in maths and physics.’
    • ‘Highway safety engineer Debbie Brown said she had already received an email when she got into work on Monday querying Askham Grove's inclusion in the scheme.’
    • ‘Incorporating a short course by an aviation safety engineer on how ‘near misses,’ errors, and catastrophes are reported and managed’
    • ‘He works at the local nuclear power plant as a safety engineer while she stays at home and raises the kids.’
    • ‘The contractors called the police and Mr Dunn - a safety engineer - was thrown off the BT-owned land by officers.’
    • ‘Companies also hire safety engineers, manufacturing engineers (to help design efficient manufacturing processes), test and evaluation engineers, and quality control engineers.’
    • ‘The people in the heavier vehicle will always come out better than those in the lighter vehicle,’ says Priya Prasad, Ford's senior safety engineer.’
    • ‘In a report to councillors, Helen Gatenby, highway safety engineer, states the relocation of bays ‘would give better potential surveillance from adjacent houses and prevent offenders exploiting the narrow gap’.’
    • ‘Robbie Jamieson, Essex County Council senior traffic and road safety engineer said he had received a number of complaints from angry motorists, and had sent an inspector to investigate.’
    • ‘‘That's a ludicrous statement,’ replies David Lochbaum, nuclear safety engineer for the Union of Concerned Scientists.’
    • ‘With low visibility you need to be cautious of what's around you,’ said David Morgan, University of Nebraska safety engineer.’
    • ‘In a segment on ATV safety, Dave Morgan, UNL extension safety engineer, explains how ATV drivers can reduce their potential for accidents.’
    • ‘Shepard is a construction safety engineer based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.’
    • ‘The middle section of the book is rich in lay insights of men who work as a garage service manager, a safety engineer, an accountant, a warehouse manager, a software engineer, an electrician, and members of other occupations.’
    • ‘We want to see if they can help safety engineers who have to move back and forth around a site.’
    • ‘Heading that team is Christer Gustafsson, senior safety engineer for the Swedish company, who helped create what the company calls the safest sport/utility available today.’
    • ‘Abu had generated all of the necessary documentation for the scam, but during the pickup, Anthony noticed that the plant safety engineer barely glanced at it before signing off.’