Definition of safety chain in English:

safety chain


  • A chain fitted for security purposes, especially on a door, watch, or piece of jewellery.

    • ‘I think you're taking this a little too far, I mean locking me out with the safety chain?’
    • ‘Her indecision replaced by purpose, Libby cracked the door open to the allowed gap by the safety chain.’
    • ‘The Derrybeg Community Watch Group is to install smoke alarms, safety chains and spy-holes for the elderly people living in the estate.’
    • ‘The couple's grandson Michael, 22, who lives with them but was at work when the villains struck at about 3.45 pm last Friday, has now installed a safety chain and new locks because the door keys were in the purse.’
    • ‘June heard dull footsteps from inside and then the safety chain rattle.’
    • ‘Install a magic-eye and safety chains on doors.’