Definition of safety car in English:

safety car


  • A car that drives ahead of competitors in temporarily hazardous conditions to control their speed.

    ‘the safety car had to be deployed as track marshals cleared the circuit of the widely scattered debris’
    • ‘The Frenchman's car was beached on the kerbs, prompting a call for the safety car.’
    • ‘Several drivers had to swerve to avoid him and the safety car had to be deployed to protect participants.’
    • ‘The drivers were unaware of this tragedy as they circulated behind the safety car for the next 12 laps, while debris was removed from the track surface.’
    • ‘With the safety car on the track, I struggled to keep the tyres in temperature a little bit.’
    • ‘The race began behind the safety car, in rainy conditions, with all teams running full wet tyres.’
    • ‘I went on the radio to say the safety car was out but I didn't get a call so I stayed out.’
    • ‘We had two formation laps, with the safety car leading the way.’
    • ‘To reinforce safety for all Championship rallies run on asphalt, safety cars will be permitted to cover one passage of every special stage.’
    • ‘But this race was a little bit strange, no problems for anyone, no retirements, no accidents, no people going off, no safety cars, so everything was very normal.’
    • ‘The race was twice delayed by safety cars after initial laps that resembled more a demolition derby than a Grand Prix.’
    • ‘The race was very hard with one big accident and the safety car coming out.’
    • ‘Inexplicably I couldn't get out of fifth gear while touring around behind the safety car.’
    • ‘When the safety car came out and the engineers called us both in, the guys did a fantastic job in getting us out so quickly.’
    • ‘There were quite a few safety cars and cars going off; a lot of debris and a lot of restarts.’
    • ‘The safety car's one concession to alerting the turbo-charged 400-horsepower cars hurtling towards it was the blinking of its hazard warning lights.’
    • ‘Lap three: The cars continue to make their way around the track behind the safety car.’
    • ‘Both drivers were forced out of the race, and the safety car made its first appearance.’
    • ‘Each time I built up a gap the safety car came out, and I had quite a lot of trouble with traffic.’
    • ‘The adverse weather conditions forced the race to be delayed by 15 minutes and the safety car led the drivers out for the first eight laps.’
    • ‘Once the safety car pulled in, they lined us up and let us go one by one.’