Definition of safety boat in English:

safety boat


  • An accompanying boat providing support in case of emergency, especially in water sports or competitive situations.

    ‘Hugh will be accompanied by a 30-foot safety boat, and is making the journey in a standard sea kayak’
    • ‘The initial report was that two Marine Corps safety boats had overturned near the reefs just over the cliffs from our squadron, and five personnel were unaccounted for.’
    • ‘Mr Staub, a Swiss national, had notified Dover coastguards of his attempt and had an escort safety boat, Lady Sarah, with him as regulations require.’
    • ‘There was no safety boat and, apparently, no way in which to summon aid.’
    • ‘Acting as ready safety boats, Diablo I and II kept watch as both SEALs and Marine RECON units dropped Combat Rigid Raiding Craft from hovering helicopters, followed closely by the personnel from these units.’
    • ‘‘The dives are shorter this time, and entail the diver swimming down to the bomb carrying the 4lb pack while the surface team feed out the detonating cord from a drum in the safety boat,’ said Lt Cdr Burden.’
    • ‘There will be boats available with experienced helms to take visitors on to the water together with safety boat cover.’
    • ‘Gary continued: ‘When she had progressed onto the water, she would be alone in a boat and I would be following her in a safety boat shouting instructions.’’
    • ‘Andy, however, went and got stuck on the other side of the lake and got towed back by a safety boat.’
    • ‘A small robotic submarine, which follows divers around in the depths of the ocean and relays messages back to a safety boat, was one of the highlights of the show.’
    • ‘He threw a casual glance that way and saw his safety boat in the distance being followed closely into the bay by the two new arrivals.’
    • ‘We did struggle to right it though, and ended up with the safety boat giving us instructions.’
    • ‘He immediately put on a life jacket, started the engine of his high-speed safety boat and sped to the crowded cove where he found the drifting inflatable and the two girls.’
    • ‘I end up having to respond and try to communicate her messages onwards, as I'm the only person who is in a safety boat and isn't driving it.’
    • ‘Swindon's Sea Scouts invaded a shopping centre car park to raise money for a new safety boat.’
    • ‘The cash is a welcome boost for the scouts, who are also saving up for a new £4,000 safety boat.’
    • ‘Swans delayed the men's eights final, too, a flock refusing to move from the start even when herded by the safety boats.’
    • ‘The three man/three woman team, which will be accompanied by a safety boat and an on-shore support team, will swim in relays for up to 12 hours each day for six days a week.’
    • ‘Once the tuition ends, you can take a variety of boats out to practise, comforted by the knowledge that if the going gets tough, the tough guy in the safety boat gets going.’
    • ‘There are permits to be procured, tides, currents and boat routes to be considered, athletes to monitor, lifeguards to be commissioned and safety boats to be positioned and coordinated.’
    • ‘There are safety boats in the water and medical personnel throughout the course.’