Definition of safelight in English:



  • A light with a coloured filter that can be used in a darkroom without affecting photosensitive film or paper.

    • ‘Extra care should be taken with safelights.’
    • ‘This is because the brown stain of Pyrocat-HD blocks green light and makes it difficult to evaluate the negative by transmitted light when using a green safelight.’
    • ‘Electron Microscopy Sciences carries a full line of safelights and filters, as does CameraStore.Com.’
    • ‘As plates and films became more sensitive (orthochromatic emulsions are sensitive to green as well as blue light), ruby safelight filters became necessary, but the old manipulation techniques could still be utilized.’
    • ‘You'll also need scissors, photographic paper, clear Plexiglas’ or heavy glass, processing chemicals in trays, a darkened room with a safelight and a sink, and a light source (an enlarger, perhaps).’
    • ‘The films could be empirically adjusted to different OD (optical density) values by exposing them for various lengths of time to a red darkroom safelight.’
    • ‘Orthochromatic films are not sensitive to red light at all, and may be developed under a red safelight.’
    • ‘I turned off the safelights and developed this print for 10 minutes.’
    • ‘The glossy whiteness, cast with the yellow or red of the darkroom's safelight, begins to stir with a vague smoky shadow.’
    • ‘Bathed in the red glow of the darkroom safelight, Ian McDonald was staring hard at a ruined photograph.’
    • ‘The transfer, screening, and wrapping were all conducted in a dark room under dim green safelights.’