Definition of safeguard in English:



  • A measure taken to protect someone or something or to prevent something undesirable.

    ‘the charity called for tougher safeguards to protect Britain's remaining natural forests’
    • ‘Here in the United States, are safeguards being taken to prevent privately owned planes from being used by terrorists to carry explosives or even biological weapons?’
    • ‘It is knowing this about human nature that we set up safeguards to prevent us from being our worst.’
    • ‘For Ungaretti, this classical perspective would always be a safeguard against solipsism and aesthetic decadence.’
    • ‘The new chief executive of the Yorkshire health trust which fiddled its waiting lists for years promised yesterday that new safeguards would prevent anything like it happening again.’
    • ‘Fayad has also introduced safeguards to prevent international aid money from being diverted from terrorists.’
    • ‘What we would want are safeguards to prevent insurance companies getting access to the data and using it to make people pay more for their health insurance.’
    • ‘Accordingly, within your responsible service of alcohol policy you must develop safeguards to prevent the theft of your alcoholic beverage inventory.’
    • ‘Those delays may impel companies to build up precautionary inventories as a safeguard against distribution disruptions.’
    • ‘The notion of checks and balances as a safeguard against tyranny is something that I think can have applicability all around the world.’
    • ‘The responsibility of parents can only be restricted under a court order, providing a safeguard against overzealous intervention by local authorities.’
    • ‘However, he is confident that the structured way that the skills are taught in Newry should act as a safeguard against bullying.’
    • ‘The framers of the law established safeguards to prevent unscrupulous partisans from using soldiers' votes to manipulate the outcome of elections.’
    • ‘Consumers can boycott retail establishments that have poor safety records or that clearly lack safeguards to prevent violence.’
    • ‘Commission a study group to see if we can spin it as a safeguard against terrorism for citizens.’
    • ‘There were safeguards in place to prevent children being given double doses of vaccines but there was always potential for occasional errors in a ‘complicated system’.’
    • ‘He said there could and should be safeguards to prevent anyone tampering with their computer code before and after voting.’
    • ‘Both organizations have threatened public protests if they feel the commission has not put proper safeguards in place to prevent election fraud.’
    • ‘Gilfillan says the engineers reports are just a precaution - a safeguard against an unknown future.’
    • ‘Living in today's world we need safeguards and security measures in place to protect your company records and files.’
    • ‘The fund, a reserve created as a safeguard against a sharp drop in oil prices, held $18.6 billion at the end of December.’
    protection, defence, guard, shelter, screen, buffer, preventive, precaution, prophylactic, provision, security, safety measure, surety, cover, insurance, indemnity
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[with object]
  • Protect from harm or damage with an appropriate measure.

    ‘a framework which safeguards employees from exploitation’
    • ‘We hope the CAA is taking other steps to ensure that future air shows are safeguarded from thoughtless aviators.’
    • ‘When does safeguarding one's own position become a betrayal of the larger principles one lives for?’
    • ‘Are you looking to safeguard against hackers?’
    • ‘Well, several other countries in North Africa are making progress in safeguarding the rights of women.’
    • ‘Use professional literature and state and federal laws to ensure that any outsourcer is providing appropriate security measures to safeguard against theft or improper sharing of personal employee data.’
    • ‘The minister saw our point and was quite enthusiastic about the idea provided the Government's financial situation was safeguarded.’
    • ‘Security is safeguarded by implementing a whole range of measures.’
    • ‘Why is the US safeguarding some Kurds in Iraq while facilitating the slaughter of others?’
    • ‘And we have a different set of responsibilities for safeguarding American freedom.’
    • ‘Die-hard Burnley fans have given the green light to the formation of a Supporters Trust aimed at safeguarding the club's future.’
    • ‘Beautiful areas of countryside in Wiltshire are to be safeguarded for future generations.’
    • ‘This leads to higher prices, which is always resented by those consumers whose jobs are not safeguarded through protection.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that using sunscreens that safeguard against UVB rays only lead consumers into a false sense of security.’
    • ‘In some cases the only effective way of safeguarding the employee would be to dismiss or demote him.’
    • ‘He said he had planned to spend the money safeguarding his family's future but now intended to spend some of the cash funding a legal fight to clear his name.’
    • ‘The welfare of the people is contingent upon preserving and safeguarding our national unity.’
    • ‘Thank goodness these upstanding countries are safeguarding human rights around the world.’
    • ‘It's almost as if politicians care more about being re-elected than they do about safeguarding our future.’
    • ‘The opinions and assistance of all who are interested in safeguarding the future of this unique rural facility are needed.’
    • ‘That suture is an unexpected and original way of safeguarding the novel's integrity.’
    • ‘The commission's recommendations, if enacted, could prove critical to safeguarding the US.’
    protect, afford protection to, shield, screen, defend, guard, keep safe, shelter
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Late Middle English (denoting protection or safe conduct): from Old French sauve garde, from sauve ‘safe’ + garde ‘guard’. Compare with saggar.