Definition of safe deposit in English:

safe deposit

(also safety deposit)


  • usually as modifier A strongroom or safe in which valuables may be securely stored, typically within a bank or hotel.

    ‘a safe-deposit box’
    • ‘And it should be locked away in Carlo Fiore's safety deposit box at the bank.’
    • ‘The capsule contains the details of a safety deposit box in Swiss bank.’
    • ‘Some wear them all the time, while others store them in a safety deposit boxes.’
    • ‘First off, the safe-deposit box metaphor (Cyber-Ark calls it a ‘Network Vault: (tm)) makes no sense.’’
    • ‘Former Keighley Cougars chairman Carl Metcalfe told the jury the woman concocted the allegations after he discovered jewellery belonging to him had been taken from a bank's safety deposit box.’
    • ‘If this doesn't suit you, consider placing crucial passwords in a sealed envelope, which you can lodge along with your will at your solicitors, or in a safety-deposit box at the bank.’
    • ‘I don't think the average person has a safe deposit box any more.’
    • ‘The cash is now nestled in a safety deposit box at the hotel.’
    • ‘I haven't found any verification, but physical safe-deposit boxes have probably been offered by banks ever since banks have existed.’
    • ‘Store at least one set of backups off-site (a safe-deposit box is a good place) and at least one set on-site.’
    • ‘In 1994, a thief made his own master key to a series of hotel safe-deposit boxes and stole $1.5 million in jewels.’
    • ‘Yesterday the court heard Liburd was helped by his partner and his sister to hide more than £40,000 in a bank safety deposit box.’
    • ‘Finding no takers, Hanna deposited them in a bank safe-deposit box in Hicksville, New York.’
    • ‘On March 19 Toronto police executed a search warrant on the applicant's safety deposit box in a bank and made a seizure.’
    • ‘He kept his unpublished mathematical researches in a bank's safe-deposit box.’
    • ‘With several of RBC's banking packages, clients receive a discount on their annual Safe Deposit Box rental fee’
    • ‘It was found in a bank safety deposit box after Teddy's cousin requested in late 1996 that it be forced open because he had lost the key.’
    repository, cache, store, storage place, storeroom, storehouse, warehouse, depot
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