Definition of safe area in English:

safe area


  • An area not liable to attack, especially one designated as such by the United Nations.

    • ‘An agreement reached on Friday between Khartoum and the United Nations urges the Sudanese authorities to create safe areas in Darfur within 30 days so that displaced civilians can return to their land.’
    • ‘Children, though, have been taken to designated safe areas inside the school.’
    • ‘Establishing a safe area of operations for the Belgians brought these soldiers into direct confrontation with a clan warlord's militia.’
    • ‘No Americans were killed or held at gunpoint, and just one American was slightly injured as consulate employees were rushed to a safe area in the compound as the attack began, a State Department official said.’
    • ‘‘There is little point in having military forces deployed in safe areas,’ he said.’
    • ‘Perhaps it was this perception or fact that provided the team here with the benign looking truck that is carefully designed to remove bombs, rockets and other ordnance to safe areas.’
    • ‘They shall determine safe areas and routes by which aircraft and missiles can reach targets in each variant.’
    • ‘The distinctly safe area will be the Muslim world, with a gray area within it coinciding with the areas of Westernization.’
    • ‘With the areas marked blue signifying the safe areas to train and red marking the no-go areas, the map looked like it had come down with a bad rash.’
    • ‘One is street fighting, which often degenerates, as it did in Panama, into house-to-house struggles without battle lines or safe areas.’
    • ‘He also questions why the South Koreans and Americans gave the enemy safe areas to rearm and regroup.’
    • ‘Over the course of the game, you must locate the various places where they have barricaded themselves, then guide them to designated safe areas.’
    • ‘They could only question people in the safe areas established by the international community, but the results were remarkable.’
    • ‘In this case, several UNSC members as well as the UN Secretariat warned at the time that ‘without the provision of any credible military threat’ these safe areas were meaningless.’
    • ‘The United Nations Security Council declared six safe areas for Bosnian Muslims to be protected by lightly equipped UN troops.’
    • ‘And an agreement has been reached with the United Nations for some safe areas for up to a million villagers.’
    • ‘Hilltop forts were also established with artillery, while SAS teams patrolled the jungle and denied the enemy any safe areas.’