Definition of safe-breaker in English:


(also safe-cracker, safe-blower)


  • A person who breaks open and robs safes.

    • ‘Hunkin's page coincided with our acquisition of this book by the delightfully-named Shifty Burke, Memoirs of a safe-breaker, published by Arthur Baker Ltd in 1966.’
    • ‘He's the chairman of Darlington Football Club and a former safe-breaker - absolutely fascinating.’
    • ‘Arnold agrees to use Buster's services as a safe-breaker provided Buster pays him £500 immediately.’
    • ‘Another useful double agent whom the XX-committee ran was a London safe-breaker called Edward Chapman who had been recruited by the Abwehr while awaiting trial for burglary in the Channel Islands.’
    housebreaker, robber, cat burglar, raider, looter, pilferer, picklock, thief, sneak thief, safe-blower, safe-cracker
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