Definition of safe-breaker in English:


(also safe-blower, safe-cracker)


  • A person who breaks open and robs safes.

    • ‘Another useful double agent whom the XX-committee ran was a London safe-breaker called Edward Chapman who had been recruited by the Abwehr while awaiting trial for burglary in the Channel Islands.’
    • ‘Arnold agrees to use Buster's services as a safe-breaker provided Buster pays him £500 immediately.’
    • ‘He's the chairman of Darlington Football Club and a former safe-breaker - absolutely fascinating.’
    • ‘Hunkin's page coincided with our acquisition of this book by the delightfully-named Shifty Burke, Memoirs of a safe-breaker, published by Arthur Baker Ltd in 1966.’
    housebreaker, robber, cat burglar, raider, looter, pilferer, picklock, thief, sneak thief, safe-blower, safe-cracker
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