Definition of safari suit in English:

safari suit


  • A lightweight suit consisting of a safari jacket with matching trousers, shorts, or skirt.

    ‘he wore a white safari suit and khaki hat’
    • ‘He is dressed in a safari suit, the khaki shorts cut so far below the knee that they almost meet the tops of his socks, the waist band hiked up above the impressive sag of a well-tended belly.’
    • ‘Only his khaki safari suit, of the kind favoured by many African leaders, hints at his political status.’
    • ‘However, Soden decided to don his safari suit and go hunting for bigger game in his quest for size.’
    • ‘Anyone who hoped that they might see Gordon Brown bestriding the continent of Africa dressed nattily in a safari suit and a bush hat had better forget it.’
    • ‘Clad like anyone else in a safari suit, what set him aside was his regal gait and benign look.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I wouldn't want to be caught wearing an outdated safari suit.’
    • ‘It was replaced by the safari suit, then by Western-style shirts and pants.’
    • ‘ABC breakfast host Dominic Brine auctioned off this prized ABC-issue powder blue safari suit as part of the evening's proceedings.’
    • ‘That way, we can imagine him turning up at barbecues in the following months wearing a safari suit.’
    • ‘On formal occasions they'll don a safari suit… and in winter the less hardy have been known to wear two safari suits!’
    • ‘Clad in a cream safari suit with rimless Gandhi-type spectacles, he has that Uttar Pradesh bhaiya look about him.’
    • ‘Any self respecting safari suit wearer will know that a powder blue safari suit is a must have.’
    • ‘The Seventies were flabby and unstylish; qualities personified by Moore, a man born to wear a safari suit that would wipe the smile off a hyena.’
    • ‘No one noticed the tall man in the blue safari suit glide in.’
    • ‘The bridegrooms were provided with a safari suit.’
    • ‘And while he was trying on some hats, which he thought would go well with his Roger Moore safari suit, there was another mortar attack.’
    • ‘A shop on Picadilly has an end of season sale on safari suits.’
    • ‘In cities, safari suits or Western-style business suits are common.’
    • ‘Wearing a white safari suit and carrying his trademark staff, Taylor looked on as successor Moses Blah was sworn in under heavy security.’


safari suit