Definition of sadhana in English:



  • [mass noun] Disciplined and dedicated practice or learning, especially in religion or music.

    ‘years of sadhana blessed him with technical mastery’
    • ‘When practicing a sadhana, we are not superimposing something artificial atop the natural state of things.’
    • ‘No, the twelve year cycle is just twelve years of sadhana, which is study without really starting to practice!’
    • ‘The original caste system was based on self-discipline through education and through personal sadhana.’
    • ‘For the next twenty years, I learned from him and did sadhana, religious discipline, for long hours.’
    • ‘These practices included all traditional Hindu disciplines, and also sadhana of Muslim and Christian faith.’
    • ‘With snow and ice outside, on the inside the fires of teaching, worship and sadhana were kept burning by 100 devotees, including babies and elders.’


From Sanskrit sādhanā dedication to an aim, from sādh bring about.