Definition of sadden in English:



  • Cause to feel sorrow; make unhappy:

    ‘he was greatly saddened by the death of his only son’
    [with object and infinitive] ‘I was saddened to see their lack of commitment’
    • ‘I expect the death of network news saddens those who viewed the Evening News as a pillar of the day.’
    • ‘He says he is saddened that bureaucratic red tape has brought the event to an end.’
    • ‘The entire area is deeply shocked and saddened by this untimely and tragic death.’
    • ‘Such deaths shock and sadden us all in their pointless cruelty.’
    • ‘Londonist was saddened to hear the news of the death of Sir John Mills over the weekend.’
    • ‘The news of the death of Norris McWhirter will sadden everyone who knew him.’
    • ‘Econ director David Lupton said they were shocked and saddened by her death.’
    • ‘I am greatly saddened by incidents which reflect poorly upon the young people of Wallington.’
    • ‘I looked deep into his eyes, and saw only emptiness, and I was greatly saddened by it.’
    • ‘News of his death at a relatively young age saddened his many friends in the local area.’
    • ‘Beyond the tragedy of a brave man's death two aspects of this case sadden me.’
    • ‘That's why these events sadden me so greatly; not so much because they happened.’
    • ‘Bolton cricket has been saddened by the death in hospital yesterday of Frank Baldwin.’
    • ‘As ever, it saddens me greatly to say goodbye to another edition of The Outside Scoop.’
    • ‘While her death will sadden many, her life should be celebrated rather than mourned.’
    • ‘Unconnected in any way I was greatly saddened to learn of the death of George Harrison.’
    • ‘His death last week saddened me and all who had worked with him, for Mick was a truly likeable fellow.’
    • ‘The news of her death has deeply saddened the cast and crew of the show.’
    • ‘Many people were saddened to hear of the death of Maureen Potter in Dublin last week.’
    • ‘Her death will sadden her fans, but her vast musical and political legacy that touched millions across the globe will live on.’
    depress, dispirit, dishearten, grieve, desolate, discourage, upset, get down, bring down, cast down, dash, dampen someone's spirits, cast a gloom on, bring tears to someone's eyes, break someone's heart, make someone's heart bleed
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