Definition of sad sack in English:

sad sack


  • An inept blundering person.

    • ‘But very few of them are about sad sacks who wallow in misery and empty calories until Prince Charming comes along.’
    • ‘Of all the sad sacks Macy's played in his career, Bernie Lootz, his character in The Cooler, might be the saddest - a guy so unlucky he's contagious.’
    • ‘First up is Kevin James, star of televisions King of Queens, who plays the sad sack accountant who needs all the help he can get to get up the nerve to approach the girl of his dreams.’
    • ‘I'm not a salesman and I don't peddle Bibles to make a living, but it's as if I experienced some alternate universe where I knew what it was like to be a sad sack salesman.’
    • ‘And Cusack's real-life sister Joan shows up as his screen sister, reaming him out for losing Laura, thus completing the comic picture of a sad sack so unlucky in love that when his girlfriend splits, his family sides with her.’
    • ‘He's the sad sack on the downward spiral, full of self-pity and rancor, paranoid of his co-workers, whom he measures himself against and takes mean comfort in realizing he's better than.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in the mean streets of Manhattan, a sad sack mannequin warehouse employee (yes, that is a redundancy) becomes obsessed with peeping.’
    • ‘I don't want the writers to cop out with Christopher and his unfortunate situation, and I don't want to see anything really positive to happen to Luke, because he's more interesting as a lonely sad sack grump.’
    • ‘Guterson has said that he is concerned with the way the church always tries to repress grassroots movements, yet most of the people who gather around the visionary are either sad sacks or wackos.’
    • ‘Or maybe the people buying this atrocity are the same humourless sad sacks who catapulted Mr. Blobby to the top of the charts a decade ago.’
    • ‘Create a new job title for yourself as the official ‘Pity Pot Coordinator ‘in your office. Don't miss the opportunity to network with your fellow-Eeyores and sad sacks.’
    • ‘Ten teams will have new coaches next season, and they won't be walking the sidelines of the league's biggest sad sacks.’
    • ‘Recent surveys portray consumers as a bunch of economic sad sacks, their confidence draining month after month.’
    • ‘While Lister is the obvious choice to express the human nature of the series, Rimmer is the unchangeable career man, the sad sack simpleton in servitude to an ungrateful organization.’
    • ‘Bush would look like he is reaching out, trying to do his best to unify the country and fight terrorism, and Kerry would look like the sad sack he is.’
    • ‘The ‘partying pre-Columbians’ of the 1960s find no counterparts in this ‘Human Comedy,’ which focuses on solitary sad sacks who find solace in Kahlua.’
    • ‘You think I want those sad sacks hanging around my crib?’
    • ‘Danny DeVito has carved a niche for himself in Hollywood by playing either frumpish sad sacks or unscrupulous scoundrels.’
    • ‘The songs address or speak for the usual suspects: has-beens slumped on barstools, oblivion-seeking pill-poppers and heartbroken sad sacks obsessing over ex-lovers.’
    • ‘It was obvious that the latter two were playing entirely for the pre-school set, and somebody forgot to tell Fonda that this was a kiddie film and that even kids wouldn't put up with his sad sack manner for long.’