Definition of sackable in English:



  • See sack

    • ‘‘I would regard it as a sackable matter if the manager of a club I was in charge of made defeatist comments,’ said Crampsey.’
    • ‘Neither of the men ‘rummaged’ in the waste, as it was a sackable offence to do so, but they moved a couple of bags before deciding the task was impossible.’
    • ‘She called for racist behaviour to be made a sackable offence and for members of the public to given more opportunities to complain about racist behaviour by officers on duty.’
    • ‘Mr Close says he had not had any opportunity to discuss his responses to any of the allegations against him (none of which were sackable offences) with anyone in the department.’
    • ‘A detective who accessed the police database to try and find out the home address of a corruption investigator was let off with just a fine, even though it is now a sackable offence.’