Definition of sabo in English:



[with object]SE Asian
  • 1(in Singapore) deliberately cause trouble or inconvenience to (someone), especially in order to gain a personal advantage.

    ‘he condemned the current bidding system and accused the minister of saboing him’
    ‘they've been saboed by the media’
    1. 1.1 Play a trick or practical joke on (someone)
      ‘they all saboed him with water, egg, and glue’


mass nounSE Asian
  • 1The action of deliberately causing trouble or inconvenience to someone.

    ‘there were murmurs of 'sabo'’
    as modifier ‘he has decided to be a sabo king and do a number on the persons who have helped him’
    1. 1.1 The playing of tricks or practical jokes.
      ‘sabo is today's in thing’
      count noun ‘he went to his co-star's trailer to pull off a stinky sabo’
      as modifier ‘being the victim of a sabo attempt is no fun’


1970s: shortening of sabotage.