Definition of Saanen in English:



  • A dairy goat of a white hornless breed, first developed in the region of Saanen in Switzerland.

    • ‘The British Saanen, British Toggenburg and British Alpine goats are all breeds renowned for the consistently high quality of their milk.’
    • ‘Summary of operation: 400 head of Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Saanen and Toggenburg breeds.’
    • ‘Animal-lovers will be able to see Gloucester Old Spot and Saddleback Pigs making themselves at home in the Farm Centre, along with Saanen goats, Hebridean sheep and Alpacas.’
    • ‘Milk from Hahns's herd of Nubian, La Mancha and Saanen goats goes into her much-sought-after line of handmade soaps.’
    • ‘One of the larger breeds, amiable Saanens are usually all white.’
    • ‘I have had milking Alpines and Saanens for five years.’
    • ‘During the past two years about 140 goats from Fairview, which has the largest Saanen herd outside of Switzerland, have also been sold to commercial farming operations in Uganda and Zambia.’
    • ‘Fence lines and untamed areas are also maintained by the herd of Saanen dairy goats.’