Definition of rustproof in English:



  • (of metal or a metal object) not susceptible to corrosion by rust.

    ‘rustproof screws’
    • ‘After eating, he went for a long hot soak in the tub, hoping the chain was rustproof.’
    • ‘Made from 100 percent recycled plastic wood slats, the Trash Pro 10 is rustproof, fade resistant and maintenance free.’
    • ‘The CA-15 alloy contains the minimum amount of chromium necessary to make it essentially rustproof.’
    • ‘The rustproof metal attachments in modern buildings are safer than some of the materials used in the old days, and structural components can be coated with epoxy to keep out moisture.’
    • ‘It worked for Corvette, and the first volume-production, rustproof, lightweight car bodies were born.’
    • ‘A rustproof coated metal which is less expensive than aluminum or stainless steel.’
    • ‘However, aluminum being lightweight, strong, and rustproof, as well as a new material for tools, continued to catch the eyes of the inventors and the public.’
    • ‘Some folks inferred that ‘stainless’ steel was rustproof.’
    • ‘Snag-free, 3-dot tritium sights and rustproof stainless steel construction round out a great carry gun.’


[with object]
  • Make resistant to corrosion by rust.

    ‘was it practicable to rustproof metallic structures, as one did cars?’
    • ‘Because they know that you don't have much experience in buying a new car, dealers will sometimes put on additional somethings to the final cost of the car such as ‘rustproofing,’ ‘environmental prep,’ and a host of others.’
    • ‘I rustproofed the floor and it has been fine since.’
    • ‘Zinc futures rose to a seven-year high in London on concern production may fall further in China, the world's biggest producer of the metal used to rustproof steel, because of power shortages.’
    • ‘Many car manufacturers void corrosion warranty if you have your car rustproofed.’