Definition of rust-coloured in English:



  • Of a reddish-brown colour.

    ‘clouds of rust-coloured dust’
    • ‘The rust-coloured gantry running along the wall up there leads to the tunnel system entrance at the east end of the room.’
    • ‘The attacker ran off with her green and rust-coloured bag, containing £60 and a cashpoint card.’
    • ‘Vast herds of goats and camels are grazing by the rust-coloured lake, creating an otherworldly buzz.’
    • ‘He unzipped his jacket to reveal a rust-colored linen shirt.’
    • ‘A rust-colored pig rooted in the grass outside the tobacco barns.’
    • ‘In the male, the rust-colored belly and throat are interrupted by a black breast-band.’
    • ‘The man, with a rust-colored mustache, was utterly unsmiling and miserable-looking.’
    • ‘Along the edges of the creek are rust-colored deposits.’
    • ‘Rust-coloured patches indicated where air tankers had dropped retardant to stop the fire's spread.’
    • ‘Dressed in rust-coloured raw silk bustiers and matching chiffon skirts, the bridesmaids included Majella's daughter Siobhan and Daniel's niece Patricia.’
    • ‘Many households complain of brown or rust-colored water coming from their faucets.’
    • ‘Great rust-colored stumps stand like tombstones.’
    • ‘She wore a great big rust-coloured jacket and in one hand she carried a large, bulging plastic bag.’
    • ‘The building material is the local rust-coloured sandstone, but this is often rendered with grey mortar to help keep out the weather.’
    • ‘The most pervasive environmental threat comes from mining dust, a suffocating rust-coloured cloud of debris that coats everything in and around the mining triangle.’
    • ‘The rouille, a rust-coloured creamy sauce, made with breadcrumbs, olive oil, garlic and chilli, gave an extra layer of interest.’
    reddish-brown, tawny, chestnut, russet, coppery, copper, auburn, titian, reddish, ginger, gingery, rusty, rufous
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