Definition of rust in English:



mass noun
  • 1A reddish- or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture.

    ‘paint protects your car from rust’
    figurative ‘the MPs are here to scrape the rust off the derelict machinery of government’
    • ‘It could, for example, be used on rails in rural areas, which often get coated with a film of rust when not used at weekends.’
    • ‘A local firm donated scrap metal for the tubular steel members which were sanded to remove rust and painted black.’
    • ‘Although steel does run the risk of rust, many improvements in recent years by the steel industry have improved the quality of these trailers.’
    • ‘Many of the works are, as usual, rich in flaking patches of rust, but, in a departure for the artist, several are also highly polished.’
    • ‘Though rust and flaking paint may add patina, such pieces should be kept outdoors.’
    • ‘Some of the pieces were raw iron spattered with rust from being left open to the elements.’
    • ‘His mediums include real rust, iron and aluminum powders, patinas, raw pigment and rich dyes.’
    • ‘A blackened heap of rust and iron, the old stove sat in the corner of the living room.’
    • ‘The presence of rust and corrosion indicates possible moisture invasion and a potential electrical hazard.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the harsh upstate NY winters aren't kind to cars and rust took the Trans Am from us.’
    • ‘It has been my experience, and sometimes misfortune, that rubber grips attract and hold moisture underneath, promoting rust.’
    • ‘All steel used in the kitchen is rust free and must be imported.’
    • ‘The whole structure was over 100 years old and the walls were stained with yellowish rust.’
    • ‘Its anti-oxidation, moisture-displacing agent protects against rust, pitting and corrosion.’
    • ‘But don't use this technique at the car dealership or you'll end up with a thousand bucks' worth of rust coating.’
    • ‘The Juliana bases are constructed of a galvanized steel to resist rust and decay.’
    • ‘You can remove the firebox covers and check inside the firebox for rust and scale deposits.’
    • ‘A big seller was stove black, used to cover up scrapes and rust on cast-iron furnaces.’
    • ‘If you notice rust, remove it with a steel brush and steel wool.’
    • ‘He checked some large iron doors that were flaked with rust and finally found one that was unlocked.’
    discoloration, oxidation, rust, tarnishing, blackening, film, patina
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  • 2usually with adjective or noun modifier A fungal disease of plants which results in reddish or brownish patches.

    The fungi belong to Puccinia and other genera, order Uredinales, class Teliomycetes

    • ‘The cool wet weather has slowed disease spread, as well as spraying activity, with yellow rust making little progress.’
    • ‘Common rust is present at levels you only see every five years in a wide swath of east and central Nebraska.’
    • ‘Stripe rust and leaf rust continue to develop in the southern plains.’
    • ‘Many rust diseases are very specialized and have just one or two hosts.’
    • ‘Leaf rust and stem rust can be serious problems in irrigated winter wheat.’
  • 3A reddish-brown colour.

    in combination ‘her rust-coloured coat’
    • ‘Organic and earthy colours dominate with burnt orange, rust, sky blue and many shades of green.’
    • ‘Each leaf has started to emit the presence of the deeper shades of red, golden browns and rust, having been hidden for the summer thus far.’
    • ‘Or how about cracking open a crab and stuffing its white and rust coloured meat into a baguette with watercress, mustard and cress and lamb lettuce and dressed with lime juice.’
    • ‘Under that scale, brown is measured as dark grey, whereas shades of rust and buff are lighter grey.’
    • ‘They quickly pass from pink to crimson to the rust colour we know well.’
    • ‘The surrounding land is mostly chalk white, splotched with yellow, rust and grey.’
    • ‘Watch your use of pink, yellow, peach, rust, purple, violet or gold.’
    • ‘The turbulent gray and rust coloured swirls of gas are truly awesome.’
    • ‘Whether or not your opting for patterns, delve into colors like mauve, burgundy, yellow, rust, light blue, or even salmon.’
    • ‘She's wearing a red jacket, pink blouse with gold broach, rust coloured dress and shoes, large camel coloured coat and brief case.’
    • ‘The woods of rural Ohio are bursting with autumnal hues of rust.’
    • ‘Melissa Greene was working with cream, green and rust coloured material and she thinks that school is fun.’
    • ‘Her crimson locks burn in the sun as she frantically darts in and out of streets that are lined with crisp amber and rust coloured leaves.’
    • ‘There are so many variations on red and brown and russet and gold and rust and orange and chestnut and tan… no wonder we have so many different names for colors!’
    • ‘Earthy tones such as rust, brown, beige, khaki, and tan are not only the coziest colors you can decorate your apartment in, but they're also in style right now.’
    • ‘Lots of rust brown backgrounds with random objects strewn across it.’
    • ‘It was hot, there was a warm gentle breeze and the ground was a deep rust red.’
    • ‘Copper and cadmium yellow and rust and persimmon and vermillion - what a swoon of color.’
    • ‘The fabrics he used were predominantly tweeds and wools in countryside colours: moss green, rust brown and autumnal red.’
    • ‘Corduroys come in shades of rust, sand, bottle-green, caramel and plum.’
    bronze-coloured, copper-coloured, copper, reddish-brown, chestnut, metallic brown, rust-coloured, rust, henna, tan
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[no object]
  • Be affected with rust.

    ‘the blades had rusted away’
    ‘rusting machinery’
    • ‘Dull, grimy and rusted, the traffic signals of Chennai don't get even wiped at periodic intervals!’
    • ‘Without the right protection, the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz would have rusted away.’
    • ‘The bike was in one piece, although badly repainted and rusting pretty much everywhere.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the screw and nut I needed to remove had rusted together.’
    • ‘These steels do not rust and strongly resist attack by a great many liquids, gases, and chemicals.’
    • ‘At the end of the Cold War, Russia was left with nearly 200 nuclear submarines rusting at the dockside.’
    • ‘The vessels are rusting in St Petersburg's harbour as the dispute over their ownership rages on.’
    • ‘These are rusting away for the sake of a lick of paint.’
    • ‘Since steel parts rust, manufacturers have recently switched to aluminum frames for these enclosures.’
    • ‘The source of the oil is unknown and is thought to have possibly sprung from an old wreck lying on the seabed which has rusted away.’
    • ‘His faith lies abandoned by the roadside, forgotten and rusting like an old plough.’
    • ‘I prefer plastic ends to metal though, as the metal ones tend to rust if they get damp.’
    • ‘Brambles covered the cow shed, old machinery rusted in the yard and the windows became cracked and cobwebbed.’
    • ‘Gold was valued from ancient times because it did not tarnish or rust like other metals.’
    • ‘This seals the wood surface under the putty and prevents the metal frame from rusting.’
    • ‘All vehicles in the town had to stay there until they rusted away.’
    • ‘Built at the end of World War II, the materials weren't the best quality and have rusted badly.’
    • ‘The cotton factory that once employed hundreds of workers closed years ago and lies abandoned with disused machinery rusting outside.’
    • ‘At least that makes a difference from watching your car rust away over a period of time.’
    • ‘The car had a smashed rear window on the driver's side and was rusting along the bottom of the rear wheel arches.’
    corrode, oxidize, become rusty, tarnish
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Old English rūst, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch roest, German Rost, also to red.