Definition of Russophobe in English:



  • A person who feels an intense dislike towards Russia and Russian things, especially the political system or customs of the former Soviet Union.

    • ‘I say good for them, and anyone who disagrees is a Russophobe who should feel ashamed of themselves for denying to Russians, on a moral level, their right to self determination.’
    • ‘In Britain, domestic politics within a weak divided government under pressure from a Russophobe press, Parliament, and public opinion led to confusion and unclear decisions and actions at crucial moments.’
    • ‘It was the former fans of the Soviets who first became Russophobes and started licking the boots of the new big brother, the United States, following the 1989 changes.’
    • ‘He took the side of the Russophobes who sought independence for the country.’
    • ‘The politician was considered a Russophobe because of his decision that Bulgaria break off relations with Russia.’