Definition of Russell's viper in English:

Russell's viper


  • A large venomous Asian snake which has a yellow-brown body with black markings.

    Daboia or 'Vipera' russelli, family Viperidae

    • ‘The current method of producing the treatment is to immunize horses against the venom of the cobra, common krait, saw-scaled viper and Russell's viper.’
    • ‘It is the ‘surprises’ that make up the meat of the book - a badmash leopard, a wounded tiger, a vicious old boar, a deadly Russell's viper.’
    • ‘He points out that there are basically four venomous snakes that feature in this - the cobra, the Russell's viper, the saw - scaled viper and the krait.’
    • ‘Until the Indian government changed its wildlife laws, Irulas made a living by catching the deadly cobra and Russell's vipers in their thousands.’


Early 20th century: named after Patrick Russell (1727–1805), Scottish physician and naturalist.