Definition of rupiah in English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Indonesia, equal to 100 sen.

    • ‘The markets responded by giving a boost to the Indonesian rupiah.’
    • ‘To set the rate for the euro, she said the rupiah must first be rated against the U.S. dollar, which in turn was rated against the euro.’
    • ‘As the rupiah gains strength against the U.S. dollar these days, the prices of some imported goods have gone down slightly.’
    • ‘The rupiah falls below 8,000 to the dollar, its lowest level since Wahid took power seven months ago.’
    • ‘Following the latest bombing, the Indonesian rupiah fell sharply to 9,000 to the US dollar.’
    • ‘The rupiah also closed stronger against the dollar for the second straight day as calm began to return to the market.’
    • ‘Terror trials in Indonesia, for example, have shown that most of the bombing operations left very few paper trails and funds were transferred from hand to hand using cash, not only in rupiahs but also in Malaysian and US dollars.’
    • ‘The policy was taken during the sharp depreciation of the rupiah against the U.S dollar.’
    • ‘The Korean won, the Thai baht, and the Indonesian rupiah, lost value rapidly, and major recession hit.’
    • ‘Moreover, Ferry said, the rupiah was benefiting from a weaker dollar vis-a-vis regional currencies.’
    • ‘Confidence of a competent economic team has kept the rupiah from falling amid strong corporate demand for the U.S. dollar.’
    • ‘East Timorese widely use the Indonesian rupiah in business transactions.’
    • ‘The currency's losses - from 2,500 rupiahs to the U.S. dollar in mid 1997 to 8,500 in mid 2000, with plunges to depths as low as 17,000 in between - triggered capital flight massive enough to bankrupt much of the economy.’
    • ‘Dealers also attributed the rupiah's fall to the dollar's rise against its major rivals and surging oil prices.’
    • ‘As an indication, the rupiah is getting stronger against the U.S. dollar.’
    • ‘The Indonesian rupiah is still widely used in business transactions now.’
    • ‘The rupiah has been on a rising trend against the dollar with the local unit closing at a 31-month high last week.’
    • ‘The Indonesian rupiah jumped to its highest level against the dollar since February.’
    • ‘He said that the biggest contributor to the price increase would be taxes and the weakening of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar.’
    • ‘These changes have led to a gradual appreciation of the rupiah and allowed Bank Indonesia to begin lowering interest rates.’


Indonesian, from Hindi rūpyah (see rupee).