Definition of runtish in English:



  • Stunted in growth; undersized.

    ‘most animals let their runtish or sickly offspring die’
    • ‘It's an ungainly beast of a machine: a wooden bicycle with handlebars like great bull's horns, two runtish wooden wheels, a chunky frame and no pedals.’
    • ‘Scotland have another reason to appreciate their assimilated Scots: they offer height to an otherwise runtish squad.’
    • ‘She's sent him signed photographs in an effort to woo the runtish royal.’
    • ‘Far from being a unique design, it's the runtish twin of the celebrated Fiat 500 revamp.’
    • ‘This feeble, runtish, orphaned enfant gâté revelled in the deference of the betting ring and the admiration which accompanied his huge wagers.’
    • ‘In this gripping, deftly paced story, a runtish boy dreams of joining the older boys of his village in their raids on trawlers and yachts on the Indian Ocean.’
    • ‘For the most part, East Tennessee deer are rather runtish, particularly in the antler department.’
    • ‘Crucially, the little boy inside him came off as a runtish bully.’