Definition of running repairs in English:

running repairs

plural noun

  • Minor or temporary repairs carried out on machinery while it is in use.

    • ‘Glasgow City Council, which owns the church, argues that over the past 40 years it has insured the building, kept it watertight and in use, and will address any running repairs.’
    • ‘The work was light by any standards, and any running repairs could be dealt with in the luminous summer nights, and there was all winter to deal with more serious.’
    • ‘Crews will have to carry all the spares and service equipment needed to carry out running repairs on the road in a three day test of endurance for the cars and crews.’
    • ‘Your turntable was old, like everything else, and often required running repairs from your airbrake man, the only pneumatic authority on the property.’
    • ‘At present contractors are attempting to carry out running repairs during the normal night closure and at weekends but this is causing problems as the work overruns cause chaos in the morning rush hour.’
    • ‘‘Engineers do not build collapsing structures or exploding machinery then call it a bug and carry out running repairs until the next attempt,’ he notes acidly.’
    • ‘The men from Rochdale Fire Station's White Watch heard of the impending disaster and they nipped round to the Newbold, school to carry out running repairs to the pond and then fill it up.’
    • ‘House of Fraser, who managed it, had to spend so much money on running repairs that there was nothing left for the necessary upgrade only 15 years later.’
    • ‘Packing a small adjustable spanner and a set of Allen keys will make sure you can do those last-minute running repairs.’
    • ‘The first half was all stop-start, thanks to his attention to detail at the breakdown and also the running repairs required by him.’
    • ‘We can do a limited amount of running repairs, but the problem is that you can't actually make these components ourselves.’
    • ‘If the full cuts are made, running repairs such as pothole patching, gritting, street lighting, verge and gully maintenance will be reined back unless Council Tax payers plug the spending gap.’
    • ‘Only five of the team that started at Filbert Street figured in Saturday's first 11-illustrating the running repairs that have been needed to keep the bandwagon rolling.’
    • ‘A Cityrail spokesperson admitted the electrical workers could shut down the whole train system if running repairs to the electrical system are not made as problems occur.’
    • ‘The string was for making any running repairs if any part of the harness should break or come adrift, the knife to cut the string and to pierce the leather to make the repair; and the shilling in case you needed to use a phone box to call home.’
    • ‘The grants are used for running repairs and maintenance in the country's 3,300 primary schools.’
    • ‘This half of the building was empty while stalls 18 through 32 were still busy with the day to day routine of steam locomotive inspections, service, and running repairs.’
    • ‘The trolley capacity is about 1,000 lb, which is ample for the handling of such light fittings as would come under running repairs.’
    • ‘The Hefer Commission was part of these running repairs.’
    • ‘However, the building has been in steady decline and, five years ago, the church forked out £50,000 to pay for running repairs.’


running repairs