Definition of runner bean in English:

runner bean


  • 1A Central American bean plant with scarlet flowers and very long flat edible pods.

    Phaseolus coccineus, family Leguminosae

    Also called scarlet runner
    • ‘To make up for this, the runner beans got off to a great start and are already showing their first beans.’
    • ‘Root membranes of maize and runner bean exhibit the lowest permeability coefficients for ABA known.’
    • ‘Also the runner beans are flowering like mad but I'm not so sure we will be able to have those in peace.’
    • ‘My plan for this year's vegetable plot is therefore rather limited, involving lots of legumes - broad beans, runner beans, French beans and climbing French beans.’
    • ‘It will be interesting to see how high the dwarf beans will grow and also if the wigwam we got for the runner beans will be tall enough.’
    • ‘For the climbers (attach some trellis) there's ivy, sweet pea, clematis, honeysuckle, runner beans and nasturtium, which comes in yellows, saffrons and fiery reds.’
    • ‘French and runner beans are affected earlier, by a related rust, but it has little effect on plant growth.’
    • ‘I have tilled my vegetable patch and lain peas, runner beans, sweetcorn and broad beans in its furrows.’
    • ‘In return I have been given two dahlia seedlings (colour unknown!) which I have potted up and put in the cold frame, and been offered a runner bean plant.’
    • ‘But ever since July, runner beans (or kidney beans, if you prefer) have gone absolutely berserk.’
    • ‘There should be sticks for runner beans at weird angles, and ragged nets that are meant, but fail, to keep the birds off.’
    • ‘He has taken advantage of the organised activities, taking part in a composting course and now has runner beans and even vines growing in the conservatory.’
    • ‘In 2002, the Evening Advertiser reported the research council was ploughing more than £160,000 into a project using runner beans to unlock the secrets of crop diseases.’
    • ‘With long stretches of hot, dry weather they have really multiplied both in the greenhouse and outdoors, ravaging my fig tree and runner beans and completely destroying three aubergine plants just as they began to flower.’
    • ‘We planted the potatoes and onions, sowed all the seeds except for lettuce, and we put up the tall tripods for the runner beans as well.’
    • ‘One reader ingeniously suggests planting a white-flowered variety of runner bean, such as ‘White Lady’.’
    • ‘Some of the varieties newly launched this year include Carrot ‘Resistafly’ (which does just what the name suggests), a slug resistant range of potatoes and a golden-leaved runner bean called ‘Sunbright’.’
    • ‘Make a teepee out of sticks and plant red runner beans to grow around the teepee.’
    • ‘Bean originally meant the seed of the fava bean (old world), but was later broadened to include members of the genus Phaseolus (new world) such as the common bean or haricot and the runner bean and the related genus Vigna.’
    • ‘He officially opened a new polytunnel in the school's garden and helped children to plant gladioli bulbs, tomatoes, runner beans and broad beans.’
    1. 1.1 The pod and seed of the runner bean eaten as food.
      • ‘Amaranth stems, radish, runner beans, cluster beans or pumpkin may be cooked separately with just enough salt and then added.’
      • ‘Vegetable gardens are laden with produce and you can't walk up the lane of a weekend without some good soul coming out to press runner beans and good English plums on you, more of both than are needed to feed a family of four.’
      • ‘The event included a charity raffle and auction and a wide range of categories including the ugliest pumpkin and the longest runner bean.’
      • ‘Confusingly, in James I's day the vegetable known as a French bean was in fact today's runner bean, while today's French bean was considered fit only for poor people.’
      • ‘To this end, I had two cranberry juices, a runner bean and artichoke salad, a mozzarella and avocado salad and a big bottle of water.’
      • ‘It can take a whopping 23,654 miles of global travel before a combination of carrots, runner beans, chicken, mange tout and potatoes arrive in homes here.’
      • ‘My soup was laden with cream and had fresh courgette, broccoli and runner beans bobbing to the surface which added to the satisfying flavour.’
      • ‘But it was he who stole some of the main prizes this year, taking Garden News Top Tray for his wonderful selection of runner beans, onions and potatoes, and first prize in the vegetable collection category.’
      • ‘In today's recipe for spiced duck, I suggest that you use small runner beans if you have them, and normal green beans or peas if you don't.’
      • ‘The first bunches of asparagus, the early strawberries and runner beans, the green and cream stripes of the marrow all signpost the changing seasons for the cook.’
      • ‘However, in the USA these snap beans may be called ‘string’ beans; unjustly because the really stringy green bean is the runner bean, which is of a different species.’
      • ‘To serve, spoon some braised greens, runner beans, and water cress to one side of the plate.’
      • ‘Remove the outside strings from the runner beans and finely shred the beans.’
      • ‘It was made with yam, runner beans, and spinach-crusted with semolina.’
      • ‘The West Coast poached salmon had travelled a little further but was delicious, although the carrots, runner beans and courgettes accompanying it were a little slushy.’
      • ‘Pick French and runner beans regularly once they begin to crop; removing pods encourages new ones to form.’
      • ‘There will be plenty of room for other, less disease-prone vegetables; courgettes, parsnips, beetroot, spinach and runner beans will all be on the menu for this year I hope.’
      • ‘A variety of organic vegetables is grown under glass at the site, including aubergines, courgettes, peppers, lettuce, runner beans, peas and pumpkins.’
      • ‘I have spent a busy summer making jam, cutting up runner beans and French beans for the freezer.’
      • ‘After a quick call to Restaurant Zoe's manager, he dashes back a few aisles to pick up some green and yellow runner beans that looked especially good, to serve with braised veal and roasted red grapes.’


runner bean