Definition of runic in English:



  • See rune

    • ‘During a new dig, he has now discovered a rare Viking buckle with a ‘wonderful runic design’ dating back to the 10th century.’
    • ‘One is a rock covered in runic writings, the other a figure of almost Cycladic simplicity, which stood above a grave.’
    • ‘The company name is from the runic alphabet and represents the sun.’
    • ‘The walls are etched with what appear to be silver murals of old Rome, although if you squint your eyes these runic designs could be haystacks in Iowa, or ice sculptures in old Quebec.’
    • ‘The scholars contend that parts of his documents seem to be written in a secret runic alphabet used by tradesmen in Sweden in the late 1800s, rather like codes that tramps have used over time to leave secret messages for one another.’