Definition of run the gamut in English:

run the gamut


  • Experience, display, or perform the complete range of something.

    ‘Owen runs the gamut of emotions in the space of the film’
    • ‘The conference planners negotiate special rates at a large number of area hotels that run the gamut of price ranges, and some very special deals are available.’
    • ‘In scheduling enough content to run the gamut of women's experiences, the festival has performed a balancing act.’
    • ‘This compilation offers a wide range of genres, running the gamut from garage rock through funk, new wave and electroclash to atmospheric rock, and even mellow jazz.’
    • ‘Her performance runs the gamut from physical perfection to emotional exhaustion and she never falters.’
    • ‘As always, the performances run the gamut from pricey indoor shows to the multitude of free shows outdoors.’
    • ‘They run the gamut from callousness and cruelty to kindness and sorrow, with contrasting qualities often converging in the same incident or person.’
    • ‘The vehicles on display ran the gamut of design and fit and finish.’
    • ‘Attendees' experiences ran the gamut from the leaps and gyrations in a fast-moving Dalcroze session to the thoughtful poignancy of an elder-education study and the stimulation of hearing about the latest brain research.’
    • ‘The food runs the gamut from solid and reliable to off the beaten path and utterly charming.’
    • ‘The media's preoccupation with body size runs the gamut from teen magazines to tabloids, the glossies and, yes, even broadsheets which should know better.’