Definition of run something off in English:

run something off

phrasal verb

  • 1Reproduce copies of a piece of writing on a machine.

    ‘please run off some copies of that report’
    • ‘We'd already prepared the printed statement - I think we'd run off about 100 copies.’
    • ‘They were delighted when the calendar sold out, and they had to run off extra copies.’
    • ‘‘It costs the forger virtually nothing to run them off a photocopier,’ said Kennedy.’
    • ‘People who want prints on paper can run them off at minimal cost on just about any photo-quality printer, using inexpensive inks and papers.’
    • ‘The Evening Press has run off 50 copies of a specially-designed poster so that John can distribute them to shops and businesses in the centre of York.’
    copy, photocopy, xerox, duplicate, print, photostat, mimeograph
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    1. 1.1 Write or recite something quickly and with little effort.
  • 2Drain liquid from a container.

    ‘run off the water that has been standing in the pipes’
    • ‘The emerging site includes porous parking areas that absorb water rather than run it off into storm drains.’
    • ‘Drainage gullies should be put in place to run off surface water.’
    drain, drain off, bleed off, draw off, pump out
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