Definition of run something by (or past) in English:

run something by (or past)

phrasal verb

  • Tell (someone) about something, especially in order to ascertain their opinion or reaction.

    ‘I'll have to run it past Claire first’
    • ‘It's not a question of, you know, just running things by the international community for the sake of it.’
    • ‘Should studios even be running their projects by any activist groups for approval?’
    • ‘Apparently, the film-makers had to run the script past NASA so they could use their training facilities in the film.’
    • ‘The model-turned-TV presenter said: ‘He runs the lyrics by me and sometimes I say you can't sing that, it is full of clichés.’
    • ‘He also clarified that the plans for the scaffolding had been run by, and received approval from, Oxford City Council.’
    • ‘Anyways, I wanted to run an idea past you.’
    • ‘Scotty writes the lyrics, and runs half-formed songs past his brood, before sending them to Nick to musicalise.’
    • ‘I have run it past a few lawyer friends of mine, but a true legal test can only be done in the courts.’
    • ‘I actually ran my opinion by my solicitor friend today, and she agreed I was being unfairly treated.’