Definition of run out on in English:

run out on

phrasal verb

  • Abandon (someone)

    ‘it seems Jack's run out on her and the three children’
    • ‘My mom said that my father ran out on her and that he was a bastard.’
    • ‘There has to be a good reason why she ran out on him.’
    • ‘Taylor's mother recently ran out on her and her father, so things at home haven't been the best.’
    • ‘He couldn't stand the fact that she ran out on him last night.’
    • ‘You're not going to run out on me now, are you?’
    • ‘I love my daughter, you're the one who ran out on her.’
    desert, abandon, leave in the lurch, jilt, leave high and dry, discard, cast aside, throw over, turn one's back on
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