Definition of run out of steam in English:

run out of steam


  • Lose impetus or enthusiasm.

    ‘a rebellion that had run out of steam’
    • ‘However, better to have such a change on the radar screens, say the bulls, than deepening doubts that the US and global recovery were running out of steam.’
    • ‘The trend already seems to be running out of steam, due to market oversaturation.’
    • ‘I'd like watch as each argument just runs out of steam, leaving just the prejudice and chauvinism for all to see.’
    • ‘There is no sign yet of the inexorable rise in property prices running out of steam… and according to market experts fears that the bubble will burst are unfounded.’
    • ‘Sandy Neilson's production, enthusiastically performed by the resident company, strikes an appropriate, rollicking tone but gradually runs out of steam.’
    • ‘It is laid back, ambling on its jolly way, and just when it should be gathering momentum it runs out of steam.’
    • ‘That said, Richard commented that rising interest rates does mean that buying power is already running out of steam at the high end of the market and is more noticeable in certain parts of the country.’
    • ‘The McCartney campaign is gently running out of steam now, not because the need to find the killer is any less urgent, but simply because the elections are over and the media is getting bored with it.’
    • ‘In following years protests continued but the peace movement (both locally and internationally) seems to be running out of steam.’
    • ‘The two very sexy stars provide enough chemistry in this stylized thriller but the movie runs out of steam halfway through.’