Definition of run (or take) its course in English:

run (or take) its course


  • Complete its natural development without interference.

    ‘his illness had to run its course to the crisis’
    • ‘All this amounts to gross interference with the investigation and prevents law from taking its course.’
    • ‘They were an old race, many millennia having given natural selection time to run its course.’
    • ‘And I actually forced myself to eat, which of course, was a mistake, and nature took its course on that one.’
    • ‘There is no specific treatment for the virus and patients are given plenty of fluids until the illness runs its course.’
    • ‘He has had three or four relationships since, but they simply ran their course rather than being destroyed by what happened to him.’
    • ‘But as the progressiveness of the illness takes its course, they will not be able to hide it.’
    • ‘As the light faded and the storm ran its course, she was forced to turn on the lamps in the room.’
    • ‘He believed that natural justice was taking its course and judicial fairness, according to common law, would be afforded.’
    • ‘What about brushing one's teeth, as opposed to letting natural tooth decay take its course?’
    • ‘We have the right to say ‘enough,’ and let the natural dying process take its course.’
    come to an end, cease to exist, fade, fade away, melt away, blow over, run its course, ebb, die out, evaporate, vanish, peter out, draw to a close, disappear, finish, end, cease, terminate
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