Definition of run-up in English:



  • 1The period preceding a notable event.

    ‘a programme aimed at lowering unemployment in the run-up to the next election’
    • ‘With the seven others, he had worked night and day in the run-up to the event to ensure that nothing off the park was allowed to detract from what turned out to be a dazzling display of football.’
    • ‘His account of the events in the run-up to Singapore's Separation from Malaysia and independence in 1965 stirred up bad blood across the Causeway.’
    • ‘Police arrested 51 people in the run-up to the event and a further three people were detained yesterday morning after red paint was thrown over a walkway leading to the centre.’
    • ‘It is believed incidents of car crime increase over the winter because of the dark nights and cars containing Christmas shopping in the run-up to the festive period.’
    • ‘The group sold more than 100,000 model train sets in the run-up to the festive period, outperforming sales of its Scalextric slot racing cars.’
    • ‘The events in the run-up to the attack are as yet unclear.’
    • ‘She claimed that the intelligence services had been bugging his private phone for years, especially in the pivotal period in the run-up to the Iraq war last year.’
    • ‘The report outlined donations declared by both past and present politicians in the county, covering the period in the run-up to the general election in May of 2002.’
    • ‘Staff at Luton Airport are to strike in the run-up to the holiday period in a dispute over pay cuts.’
    • ‘Cottage Garden Herbs, Ballyconnell Lodge, is offering two creative courses in the run-up to the holiday period, he writes.’
    • ‘Hotels and guest houses in the city have been reporting brisk business in the run-up to the event with many visitors combining a visit to Railfest with an extended stay in York.’
    • ‘He has already started to plan fundraising events in the run-up to this year's ambitious challenge.’
    • ‘In the run-up to the festive period, St Ann's Hospice is holding a number of events to raise extra money for the charity which has to raise £5.6m this year.’
    • ‘But they were kept guessing by the weather until the day itself, with heavy rain falling during the days in the run-up to the event.’
    • ‘The decision to send the jets, famous for their vertical take-offs and landings, comes as Afghanistan faces a tense period in the run-up to elections.’
    • ‘The Bolton Evening News will be covering the race in the run-up to the event, on the day and afterwards with our media partners Tower FM.’
    • ‘His dish, which has a working title of Chicken Mandela, will be on the menu at a series of Commonwealth Games lunches to be held for VIPs in the run-up to the event.’
    • ‘He, who has to fit his gala work around a full time day job, has called on people to lend a hand in the run-up to the event, on gala day and with clearing up afterwards.’
    • ‘This tracks with commentators who predict a major event in the run-up to the November 2004 American elections.’
    • ‘In one case, all punishments were stopped for a two-month period in the run-up to last November's Stormont elections.’
  • 2An act of running briefly to gain momentum before performing a jump in athletics, bowling in cricket, etc.

    ‘high jumper Steve Smith will use his shortened five-stride run-up’
    ‘the bowler started his run-up’
    • ‘These are days when there is more rhythm and flow to his bowling, his run-up and action blending better.’
    • ‘She will be watching her rivals to such an extent that she could be the person who starts the crowd clapping when one of them is about to take a run-up for a high or long jump.’
    • ‘It was very windy down there at the start of the competition and my run-up was all over the place.’
    • ‘He was shorter, but as athletic as him and had one of the smoothest run-ups in the game.’
    • ‘A former West Indies player taught me my run-up back in 1999, at Kensington Cricket Club.’
    1. 2.1 The strip of ground behind the wicket on which the bowler runs before bowling.
      ‘the start was delayed because the bowlers' run-ups were wet’
      • ‘While the riskiest feature of this week's historic one-day series - the drop-in pitch - already appears a success, the patchy and damp outfield, bowlers' run-ups and the lighting had the players wary.’
      • ‘The Umpires decided the bowlers run-ups were unsafe.’
      • ‘The umpires decided at 3pm that conditions were impossible for play with a saturated outfield and wet run-ups.’
      • ‘He moved to make the rule for a six a hit over the boundary not out of the ground and he pioneered the use of sawdust for bowlers run-ups.’
      • ‘But because the bowlers' run-ups and the close-fielding positions were dangerously soft, both agreed play should be cancelled.’
  • 3Golf
    A low approach shot that bounces and runs forward.

    • ‘A lot of players are already using the 3-wood from the fringe and on run-up shots.’
    • ‘Arm speed refers to the speed with which you pull the disc across your body when you execute the run-up.’
  • 4An act of running an engine or turbine to prepare it for use or to test it.

    ‘other than for the first flight of the day, engine run-ups are not deemed necessary’
    • ‘There was not a spare so one had to be machined - so much for the evening engine run-up.’
    • ‘When we're doing maintenance on an airplane, we may need to go on the runway three or four times a day for engine run-ups.’
    • ‘The pilot would then start the Allison, perform the briefest of engine run-ups, and then get the aircraft into the air as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘Together, we made a careful preflight and engine run-up.’
    • ‘During initial takeoff, Redman who was in the front seat, performed a normal engine run-up and brake release.’
    • ‘This aircraft was abandoned and sank after the Auxiliary Power Plant caught fire during one of these run-ups.’
    • ‘Turner checked out the plane, started the engine, and after a run-up, took off.’
    • ‘When we were cleared for takeoff, the flight lead checked us in on the new frequency from the tower and gave the flight a verbal engine run-up command.’
    • ‘He made a careful engine run-up with all instruments in the green, repeated his instructions to me and took the Active, number two in trail.’
    • ‘After Sludge 1 and 2 had executed their formation take-offs, Sludge 3 and 4 began their engine run-ups.’
    • ‘During the engine run-up, the passenger noticed that the checklist was not used.’
    • ‘After everyone was strapped in and engines started, a thorough run-up produced three thumbs up and we were blasting down the Chino runway.’
    • ‘If you have been taxiing under conditions conducive to icing, do a static run-up prior to takeoff to assure normal engine operation.’
    • ‘Engine run-ups are a safety requirement on all aircraft that have undergone extended periods of maintenance to determine that all engine components are functioning properly and safely.’
    • ‘After the new propeller was installed, an engine run-up was conducted with no mechanical anomalies.’
    • ‘One example was his suggestion on how one person could orchestrate engines run-ups so they could all be done at the same time instead of by the individual crew chiefs on their own timetable.’
    • ‘After he shut down the engine in the run-up area, I should have returned to base and incompleted the event.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful day as I made a circular motion with my index finger giving the flight the engine run-up signal.’
    • ‘During engine run-up, the #1 engine experienced a bearing failure, which necessitated an engine change.’
    • ‘Crew chiefs were finishing pre-flighting all the aircraft scheduled for the mission that day and any spares selected in case any ship aborted their pre-flight run-ups.’
  • 5A marked rise in the value or level of something.

    ‘a sharp run-up of land and stock prices’
    • ‘And the companies behind the latest sell-off are not the pie in the sky dotcom ventures that fuelled the frenzied run-up in the Nasdaq index earlier this year.’
    • ‘That leaves some energy market experts to believe the previous run-up in oil prices was largely driven by speculators trying to make a fast buck in the commodities market.’
    • ‘It also serves to highlight how the behavior of the banking system during the asset-price run-up may influence subsequent outcomes.’
    • ‘In the last two months, Ventura County's scorching housing market has gotten so hot that some veteran agents say it matches or surpasses the real estate run-ups of the late 1980s.’
    • ‘DCF can also prompt investors to sell, which might mean they miss those big share price run-ups that can be so profitable (provided the shares are sold at the peak).’
    • ‘It's surprising that people investing in some firms that have had huge run-ups don't know what they do, just that they're gone up 100 percent.’
    • ‘It is formed when a run-up in a security's price levels off and is followed by a series of lower highs and relatively equal lows.’
    • ‘Promoters of these enterprises suggest investors will profit from the run-up in oil prices.’
    • ‘If there ever was a reason in the ordinary investor's mind to buy back into the dollar, it would be the current run-up in economic figures here in the US.’
    • ‘The impact of the market run-up would be even more dramatic for a worker who already had significant assets to place in the stock market in 1982.’
    • ‘That leaves some energy market experts to believe that the previous run-up in oil prices was largely driven by speculators trying to make a fast buck in the commodities markets.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, after going through a big run-up in the 1990s, Schwab shares were sinking along with the rest of the market.’
    • ‘These flows fueled an expansion of bank lending and credit creation within the countries, and often a run-up in the prices of property and financial assets.’
    • ‘We've had an eight-month run-up in the stock market this year, far ahead of the real evidence that the economy was recovering.’
    • ‘This time, the run-up in prices was unprecedented.’
    • ‘After such an impressive run-up, you'd suspect that REITs would be on the pricey side, relative to their earnings - and you'd be correct.’
    • ‘Gold, and gold stocks, have enjoyed a rapid run-up since May.’
    • ‘Cheap stock fueled the valuation run-up: As the cash portion has risen, prices have dropped.’
    • ‘The run-up over the next few weeks takes the stock price to a lofty level of $15.99, a 62% increase.’
    • ‘There was a time when [investors] were so enthusiastic about the run-up in technology and not really focused on what companies were really about.’