Definition of run-through in English:



  • 1A rehearsal.

    ‘a run-through of the whole show’
    • ‘Whether it's footwork drills or an offensive run-through, Brown's message is simple: Do it right, or don't do it at all.’
    • ‘On tape day, Dean would come in, watch a run-through with the stand-in, then go out and replicate the stand-in's actions.’
    • ‘So, we sat around drinking coffee while the technical people hit things with hammers and got the cameras lined up, and waited for him to arrive so we could do a run-through of the script.’
    • ‘Nasa conducted a second fueling test Friday on space shuttle Discovery to try to figure out why sensors and a valve did not work properly during a previous run-through.’
    • ‘Dancers must be in place by 1pm for a simple run-through and then the world record-breaking attempt will begin, with 10,000 people simultaneously dancing The Siege of Ennis.’
    • ‘I'd have a lecture on Tuesday, then go to Glasgow for a run-through of the Live Floor Show; on Wednesday I'd do my work placement at a hospital and Wednesday night I'd go to a fancy hotel and do the show on Thursday.’
    • ‘They have contributed to the artistic process primarily as ‘outside eyes,’ watching the odd run-through and offering feedback.’
    • ‘The president had two practice run-throughs today here at the White House, and the administration released some photographs of the president rehearsing his speech during those sessions.’
    • ‘That night, after the run-through of the show, I had a glass of wine in the lobby bar and was introduced to a musician whose recordings with him are lovely and legendary.’
    • ‘Why do I always forget how exhausting run-throughs are?’
    • ‘Last night, after the final rehearsal before the technical run-through on Sunday, I surfed all the way home on the sort of adrenaline rush that I'd forgotten came with the territory.’
    • ‘After another three or four patient run-throughs, I agreed to put all of that on an index card for her.’
    • ‘The public is invited to come and participate as audience/extras during three run-throughs of the piece.’
    • ‘We had two onstage rehearsals and then three run-throughs with the band the night before.’
    • ‘Keep it simple and, if you can, make the time the week before to have a practice run-through.’
    • ‘At the moment we're standing at the end of D Block, we're just about to have a run-through and talk to some of these people about the prices they're achieving on their fruit and vegetables this morning.’
    • ‘Since I stopped assisting him I have always helped in some small way with the casting and preparation of his shows, and at the very least recently I will have seen a run-through in the rehearsal room.’
    • ‘I just want to do a quick run-through if I can tomorrow, and see how much time it will take to get to the room, set up the pump, actually do the pumping, and pack everything back up again.’
    • ‘‘We have just had an orchestral run-through and the orchestra was fantastic,’ he said.’
    • ‘It meant that the Nolans couldn't have a proper run-through with the band and had to fall back on their mini-discs.’
    practice, practice session, try-out, trial performance, read-through, sing-through, walk-through, going-over, drill
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  • 2A brief outline or summary.

    ‘the textbooks provide a run-through of research findings’
    • ‘After a brisk run-through of key terms - they include scansion, rhyme, caesura, verse - he proceeds to a series of Shakespearean speeches for analysis, which form the main section here.’
    • ‘This brief run-through of the main milestones cannot be as comprehensive as the many excellent books on the subject.’
    • ‘The tutorial presents an intuitive and brief run-through of aspects such as navigation and interaction with the environment, and also gives the player the opportunity to engage in a little harmless gunplay with the instructor.’
    • ‘Almost perfunctorily, the Prime Minister began yesterday's session with a quick run-through of how asylum-seeker applications had genuinely fallen and how public services were genuinely on the mend.’
    • ‘If you're interested and don't already know the story, today's Guardian prints a swift run-through of the behind-the-scenes events leading to and from the Hutton Enquiry, as extracted from an expanded edition of Blair's Wars.’
    • ‘So here is a quick descriptive run-through of some of his films; hopefully in the same sampling spirit in which they were constructed.’
    • ‘The first gives a very brief run-through of 18th century European warfare - its gentlemanliness; the rigors of reloading a musket during open warfare; the gruesome use of bayonets and cannons.’
    • ‘‘A pitch should be the catalyst for a relationship instead of a run-through of case studies,’ he says.’
    analysis, review, overview, briefing, brief, sketch, thumbnail sketch, outline, rough idea
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