Definition of run-off in English:



  • 1A further competition, election, race, etc., after a tie or inconclusive result.

    ‘he won only 49 per cent of the vote, so a run-off will be held’
    • ‘He confounded all opinion polls by coming second in the presidential elections, as a result of which he entered the run-off elections against him.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court rejected official publication of results that showed the Prime Minister had beaten him in a run-off election on Sunday.’
    • ‘Should we have yet another recount or a run-off election?’
    • ‘A Prada skipper sailed out to the Hauraki Gulf Tuesday morning knowing it had to win the two races on the card to survive for a sudden-death run-off Wednesday against OneWorld.’
    • ‘With all three level on five points dropped there was a run-off to decide the eventual winner.’
    • ‘Well, today's Ukrainian Supreme Court decision nullifies the results of the presidential run-off election.’
    • ‘The court agreed with the opposition that there were systematic violations in the run-off that took place November 21.’
    • ‘The Iranian voting public put a hardliner and a conservative pragmatist into a run-off election with their ballots on Friday.’
    • ‘He stunned the political establishment on Sunday by making it into the run-off election for president two weeks from now, pushing aside the Socialist Prime Minister.’
    • ‘That's 16 riders racing over 20 heats with a first-place run-off if necessary.’
    • ‘He has been soundly beaten in the run-off for the presidential election in France.’
    • ‘They will advance to the April 17 run-off if the results are certified later.’
    • ‘The election run-off last month was won by the Russian-backed prime minister, but after mass protests and evidence of ballot-rigging the result was cancelled by the supreme court.’
    • ‘Public opinion polls predict no outright winner, raising the chances of a run-off election in two weeks most probably between he and the chief of the Democratic Party.’
    • ‘If he fails to capture 50 per cent of the vote, there will be a run-off election against the second-place vote-getter.’
    • ‘Five are in the race for the presidency, and because that means a split vote, it's likely the winner won't be decided before a run-off election in late September.’
    • ‘Now that the Ukrainian supreme court is nixing a run-off and ordering new elections, it's not expected to quiet down anytime soon.’
    • ‘The strategy worked exceeding well, as he bested his nearest rival by over 40 percent and won an absolute majority of the votes in the primary, making a November run-off election moot.’
    • ‘Many Zambian observers had favoured US-style presidential primary elections that would then have had the two leading candidates in a run-off election.’
    • ‘It is four-and-a-half years since Germany beat South Africa in a bitter run-off to stage the competition and there was controversy from the start.’
  • 2mass noun The draining away of water (or substances carried in it) from the surface of an area of land, a building or structure, etc.

    ‘the ratio of run-off to rainfall’
    ‘fertilizer run-off from the intensively farmed areas in the river basin’
    • ‘The increased phosphorus is arising from run-off from agricultural land and farmyards as well as from municipal and industrial effluent discharges.’
    • ‘Fish kills provide the most dramatic form of pollution, arising from discharges of silage run-off, manure slurries and sewage and industrial waste.’
    • ‘The main cause is excess nitrogen run-off from farm fertilizers, sewage and industrial pollutants.’
    • ‘This run-off carries fertile matter from soils into the pond.’
    • ‘Non-point pollution, in contrast, enters waterbodies in a diffuse manner, such as through run-off from farmers' fields or from forests, or as pollution seeping down into groundwater aquifers.’
    • ‘Water on even the most pristine golf courses can contain excess nutrients and organic matter from fertilizer run-off, grass clippings and leaves.’
    • ‘That's long enough to get carried into the rivers by the spring run-off and spread through the whole water table.’
    • ‘The increasing level of phosphorus discharges to the lake, due to agricultural run-off from the surrounding land, was believed to have resulted in significant changes in the ecology of the lake.’
    • ‘Others make a home near land at nutrient run-off points from farms and power plants.’
    • ‘They are smothered by sediment, and choked by algae growing on nutrient rich sewage and fertilizer run-off.’
    • ‘The number of blooms is growing as a result, experts believe, of nutrients and fertilizers in farm and sewage run-off.’
    • ‘Other causes of this are discharges of inadequately treated sewage from urban centres, poorly sited or malfunctioning septic tanks and run-off of fertilisers from afforestation areas.’
    • ‘The primary concern is to minimize run-off and to protect natural water courses.’
    • ‘Siltation is still occurring from run-off from the land.’
    • ‘The Surf City contamination is almost certainly the result of urban run-off flushed into storm drains.’
    • ‘The family also owned lucrative coal mines in the area and run-off from these added to the pollution.’
    • ‘They blame fertiliser run-off, increased irrigation drawing water from the river, and rising salination as tidal effects reach further up the delta from the South China Sea.’
    • ‘This compaction subsequently increases the risk of surface run-off of nutrients from fertiliser and slurry’
    • ‘He, from near Thirsk, has come up with a way of reducing the surface run-off from ploughed land during and after heavy rainfall.’
    • ‘But over time, fertilizer run-off from agriculture, for example, may load the lake with excess nutrients.’
    1. 2.1 The water or other material that drains freely off the surface of something.
      ‘when it rains the run-off cascades down to the valley floor’
      count noun ‘water polluted by run-offs from farmland’
      • ‘The catchments of these basins may have a very large surface area, collecting run-off from a vast region.’
      • ‘The fine drizzly rain synonymous with the Lakes could also change to become more tropical, heavier storms, with water run-off from the land introducing more materials into watercourses, said Dr Sweeting.’
      • ‘Their handiwork exacerbated run-off and made homeowners more vulnerable to floods and landslides.’
      • ‘Since there are no rivers in Shetland, there is very little fresh water run-off in the voes (small fjords), and the chances of farmed salmon escaping up the rivers are negligible.’
      • ‘Furthermore, there are concerns about the pollution of the water system caused by run-off from these sites.’
      • ‘Winding through the upper canyon, much of the trail has been washed away by the fierce spring run-off from the glaciers still hanging above.’
      • ‘In addition, the mulch improves soil quality over time, minimizing water waste caused by run-off and evaporation.’
      • ‘Where data does exist it may fail to consider current risks such as increased rainfall due to climate change or increased run-off of water from land due to deforestation or the drainage of wetlands.’
      • ‘But there is no mention of such a phenomenon in the EIA reports of the projects on the Teesta, which is sustained by glacial melt, snowmelt run-off and monsoon rainfall.’
      • ‘In 1983 a new 4.31-mile circuit was built incorporating some of the original track, but with an improved surface and run-off areas.’
      • ‘Uncontaminated surface water run-off and rainwater from roofs shall be collected separately from slurry and shall be disposed of directly to the nearest drain, ditch, soakpit or watercourse.’
      • ‘They are a result of overflowing rivers, accumulated run-off from higher land, and the practice of making low earth barriers to limit soil erosion and store water.’
      • ‘Rainwater run-off will filter through a rock storage bed into a giant wetlands filter before it goes back into the Rouge River.’
      • ‘The seeds of F. cernua disperse primarily by gravity and secondarily by surface water run-off after rare heavy rains.’
      • ‘Adding to the problem is extensive paving in large housing complexes, which causes fast run-off into storm water drains, which are then overloaded, causing the rivers to flood and wash down pollution.’
      • ‘Sydney is no stranger to severe thunderstorms, and because large expanses of the urban area are paved, much of the rainfall becomes flood run-off.’
      • ‘The trails we went to work on had literally become streams thanks to massive run-off from a new building's parking lot shedding water straight into this watershed area.’
      • ‘That run-off soaks through transpiration trenches, so it reduces the volume of water running off and also gives a filtration effect.’
      • ‘However, construction of the observation tower would cover most of this land in Tarmac and other impermeable surfaces, which would increase surface run-off, because less water can soak into the ground.’
      • ‘What will be done about the water run-off from the built-up areas?’
  • 3NZ A separate area of land where young animals are kept.

    • ‘Many people have made good money on run-offs, but this has had more to do with capital gain and things like that, than farming.’